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Mave Davies

Mave Talks To The Reale Deal

Our Trip Leader, Matt ‘Mave’ Davies, appears on the Reale Deal Show! Bodyboarding legend Jay Reale, sits down with our own Matt ‘Mave’ Davies for

Bodyboard Kit Secrets

Kit Secrets For Surfing Epic Waves

Rob Barber has learnt a thing or two when it comes to what kit to take on a tropical trip. In this video he shares some of his wisdom demonstrating what works for him.

Rob Barber Bodyboarding Sumatra

Sumatra So Good!

Wonder what to expect from the photo and video package included in our holidays. Wonder no more!

Bodyboarding In Morocco

Moroccan Magic – Liz’s story

Our international holidays resumed with a group of extremely eager bodyboarders joining us in Secret Morocco. Absorbing the change in landscape, culture and culinary delights, our guests immersed themselves in a more laid back way of living with waves at the top of the agenda.

Jacob Waller Instructor

Outdoor Activity Instructor Course is Go!

Jacob joined us with a lifelong ambition to become a bodyboard and surf instructor, through our Outdoor Activity Instructor Academy (OAIA) we made that possible!

Jack Maylam Bodyboarder

Jack Takes a Stance!

The Cornish Bodyboard Series held their annual competition at Portreath, Bodyboard-Holidays was stoked to be given the opportunity to sponsor the Junior division.

How To Survive A Wipeout

How To Survive A Wipeout

Wiping out can sometimes be a scary experience and it may feel as though you’re underwater a lot longer than you actually are. How to react in these situations will make it a lot easier to deal with these moments.

How To Go Fast On A Bodyboard

How To Go Faster On A Bodyboard

Have you ever wondered how to gain more speed whilst trimming on your bodyboard? Speed and being able to control it is a crucial aspect

Matt Davies Mossy Earth

Did you know that we support Mossy Earth?

Co-Founded by Bodyboard-Holidays instructor Matt Davies, the Mossy Earth team conduct a range of projects to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and in turn help fight climate change.

Chris Levi Biskit Bodyboarding

Taking the Biskit!

One of the more prominent figures in the UK Bodyboarding community, Chris Levi is the architect of the Biskit Bodyboarding series.

Improve Your Drop Knee Video

Improve Your Drop Knee

In our latest instructional video two of our very own coaches Chris Burton and Matt Davies break down their waves at a recent staff training session at The Wave in Bristol.

Joao Veiga Bodyboard Coaching Portugal

Meet João, Bodyboard Holidays Coach

João Veiga has to be one of the most passionate bodyboarders on this planet. When he’s not catching waves for his own pure joy, you’ll catch him training the local groms.

Jay reale Interviewing In The Maldives

Jay Reale Back In The Booth

It’s been great to see Jay Reale back in the commentary booth at the Maldives Pro after a 9 year hiatus. We caught up with Jay whilst he’s out in the Maldives to see how it’s going and what he’s got planned when the competition ends.

Rail Control On A Bodyboard

Secrets To Perfect Bodyboard Rail Control

It all starts with control over your board, how you hold your board and how much pressure you can exert on to the rail will affect the relationship between the board and the wave face.