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Our aim is to cater for every price and budget with our ever-growing selection of Bodyboard Holidays.

Please take a look at our destinations below.

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Why do we go to the destinations we do?

To go bodyboarding! All of our destinations are bucket list locations for scoring a variety of consistently first-rate bodyboarding waves. Take Newport Wedge in California, Supertubos in Portugal or Padang Padang in Bali, to name but a few. What’s more, our team at bodyboard holidays has spent many years travelling in search for locations that are still under the radar; unearthed gems offering empty waves and adventure, such as our camps in El Salvador, Southern Nicaragua and Secret Morocco.

We also like to offer a diverse selection of destinations so as to meet the varying desires of our bodyboarding clients. E.g. the cold-water experience of Ireland is popular with clients from Australia and South America clients used to surfing in warmer seas, while our tropical escapades in Bali and Costa Rica are a favourite with the Europeans.

How do we pick the destinations?

Once we’ve located a potential destination through our own travel experience, personal recommendations or customer surveys, we then analyse statistical data of swell and weather patterns, as well as local knowledge to determine the best week of the year to hold our bodyboarding coaching holidays.

Prior to launching a new bodyboarding holiday, we also do a thorough reconnaissance mission of the area – a favourite job perk amongst our instructors. A reccy normally consists of surfing all the different waves in the area, in a variety of conditions. We also meet with the local people to understand the local customs, cultures and insider tips. There is also the need to test a range of accommodation providers and their caterers to ensure we find a camp that is up to the high standards of our other holidays.

Our mantra at Bodyboard Holidays is: If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail. And so, we thoroughly pre-audit all of our locations, so that when a bodyboard holiday begins, we are confident it will be an unforgettable trip! 

What else do we look for?

As well as great waves, accommodation and food, we are looking for an X-factor about the area. For example, the Road Trip experience of California, the intrepid exploration in Secret Morocco, the uncanny charm of the Irish, the rich history and cheap coffee of Portugal, the abundance of wildlife and ecotourism of Costa Rica, the adventurous spirit of El Salvador or the 100% RnR that our Southern Nicaragua resort has to offer.

Non-bodyboarding activities are also high on the list when selecting a new boogie trip. And these are more than just a visit to the local zoo, they are truly memorable experiences. Imagine falling asleep under the stars and next to a fire in the Sahara Desert, or trekking through the jungle to a turtle reserve for a surf, or visiting the coffee plantation and active volcanos as we do in Morocco, Nicaragua and El Salvador respectively.

Or if you’re more of a culture vulture than a nature lover, how about combining your bodyboarding vacation with a historical tour of Sintra’s mystical palaces in Portugal, or experiencing the American Dream in California, visiting the sacred Hindu temples in Indonesia, or the mechanically perfect man-made waves of Snowdonia.

Finally, once all of the above is covered, the real deal breaker for any our locations is the availability of good quality, ice cold beer …it’s the boss’ order!

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