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About Bodyboard Holidays

Who we are?

Bodyboard Holidays came into existence after a lifetime of professional travel for former European and British Bodyboarding Champion Rob Barber. For over 15 years, Rob worked his way around some of the most exotic locations in the world competing in bodyboarding’s biggest events.

After proving his prowess on the world stage, Rob went on to work for some of the planet’s best-known bodyboarding magazines, scouting tropical locations and organising epic photo shoots. Back before the days of social media and search engines, new and uncharted locations came about from rumours and myths. These were the days of instinct-driven discoveries – and Rob sure had a talent for finding some incredible beaches.

This organisational experience coupled with a coveted professional career ultimately led to Rob’s promotion into the role of Head Coach for the UK Surfing & Bodyboarding team. From here followed years of successful coaching and a new idea of how to bring bodyboarding to the masses… enter Bodyboard Holidays.

Bodyboard Holidays offers insured, qualified and tailored tuition at some of the most exotic bodyboarding beaches in the world. We tailor each lesson to the customers’ needs to maximise their experience and to provide the most enjoyable holiday possible. We’ve been supplying dream bodyboard coaching trips since 2003 and we’re now busier than ever; we have a crazy 70% customer return rate!

We’ve drawn on travel experience, historical swell figures and climate data to choose the locations that offer the best waves, the most exciting cultures, the least crowds and the most incredible environments for an unforgettable bodyboarding holiday.

Vintage UK Bodyboarders

What we stand for?

From epic wedges, dredging slabs, peeling beaches and heavy shories, to firing river mouths, reeling points and hollow reefs; our trips have something for every bodyboarder. To travel is to enrich your existence. To open your mind to ways of life far removed from your own, to put your problems into perspective makes you appreciate the rest of the world outside of your little bubble; life is for living.

Amongst everything else you experience when you travel, from the colourful cultures and traditions of distant lands to the flamboyant food and people; the one thing that really gets the heart pounding is the search for waves. All of our trip locations are less than 24-hours away so don’t let life get in the way any longer – it only stays a dream if you let it!

Our belief is that the best bodyboarder in the water is the one having the most fun. Whether that’s riding your first unbroken wave, scoring your first tube ride or busting your first aerial; our trips have something for everyone.

Why choose a Bodyboard Holiday?

If you’ve ever tried bodyboarding then you’ll know how much fun it is already. If you’re new to the sport, you’ll soon appreciate that the goals come quickly and you’ll be flying down a wave within 10 minutes of entering the warm crystal-clear water. 

Alternatively, if you’ve been bodyboarding for years, our instructors are guaranteed to introduce you to something new. What’s more, you’ll appreciate the benefits of being ferried around under blue skies to the best waves in the world.

Riding waves is the ultimate fun and while it can take a lifetime to master, bodyboarding is one of the most addictive sports on the planet. Add into the recipe a fantastic group of like-minded boogers, tropical locations, glowing sunsets, bright and airy accommodation and expert tuition; you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider it sooner.

Why not join us for the experience of a lifetime on one of our next epic Bodyboard-Holidays?

About Bodyboard Holidays

Our team

Rob Barber

Company Director

Simon Hickie

Simon Hickie


Damian Prisk

Head Coach

Matt 'Mave' Davies

Resort Manager

Grant Woodhouse

Resort Manager

Jay Reale

Resort Manager

Joao Veiga


Warrick Murphy


Vicki Reale


Iain Campbell

Iain Campbell


Alex Clark


Matt Hawken

Digital Operations

Giving back

At Bodyboard Holidays we are conscious of our trips’ impact both environmentally and socially. As such we have onboarded the following pledges and processes to minimise our environmental footprint while maximising our social impact.

Restoring wild ecosystems and protecting biodiversity

Since 2017, we have been working with Mossy Earth, a social enterprise on a mission to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and help fight climate change through their reforestation and rewilding projects.

Every month, with Mossy Earth, we plant 10 native trees and help support one or more impactful rewilding projects. On top of this, we plant one tree for every guest on a trip!

Locally and family run service providers

Wherever possible we use local accommodation, guiding and transport services. We have longstanding relationships with family run businesses in Sumatra, Morocco and El Salvador.

During the covid-19 pandemic we covered the salary of Lenni, a water taxi driver we often use, until tourism returned to his island.

Kids equipment

On our trips to Sumatra, Indonesia, Morocco and El Salvador we also encourage our guests to bring any secondhand bodyboarding gear that can be given to the local children.

Plastic free

We ask our guests to bring reusable bottles on our trips and we are working closely with our accommodation providers to eliminate unnecessary plastics from their supply chains.

Eco friendly board wax and sun creams

We also encourage our bodyboarding clients to use only environmentally friendly bodyboard wax, sun creams and sun blocks during their trip. Before each trip, we have a video call with each guest where we discuss their kit list and environmentally friendly products.

Daniel Metcalfe

Where are you from?

Position at Bodyboard Holidays: Bookings Manager

Why do you enjoy working at Bodyboarding Holidays?

Working in an environment where you are surrounded by like minded people being able to chat surfing all day and the plethora of epic surf spots that Bodyboard holidays has to offer never makes for dull times!

How long have you been bodyboarding or surfing?
Ive been surfing for 32 years.

Fave break in the UK:
I have too many to decide, possible top 3 contenders: Lynmouth, Gwenver, Praa

Fave break abroad:
Bingin, Bali

Fave Bodyboard Holiday destination and why?
Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. Fast hollow tubey waves
in paradise – what’s not to love!?