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Glamping Surf Adventures in Kernowfornia

Cornwall Bodyboard Camp

From £149

Epic Cornwall bodyboard weekend with unique accommodation
Great beaches, wedges and reefs
Warmest UK climate and sea water
Photo and video package of you riding included

Experience for yourself the famous north coast of Cornwall – a wild stretch of constant swell and beautiful beaches, perfect for bodyboarding awesome waves at the best times of the year.

Quick Facts

Water Temperature: 10°C – 18°C
Local Currency: Pound Sterling
Language: English
Local Beer: Korev
 Mixed Climate
Consistent swell
Surf 2ft – 6ft
Beach and reef
Perfect for Beginner/intermediate/advanced riders
Bespoke one-on-one coaching tailored to your skill set
Yurt and Holiday barn accommodation
 Many local activities and beauty spots

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June 13, 2020 > June 14, 2020
Cornwall Bodyboard Camp
September 19, 2020 > September 20, 2020
Cornwall Bodyboard Camp

Trip Information

Our Aim

With our Cornwall Bodyboarding Camp, you too can enjoy the very best of ‘Kernowfornia’ and it’s incredible laid back lifestyle. Two days of professional coaching, awesome fun in the water and a great chance to meet some like-minded people enjoying the booging lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve visited some of the beaches along this stunning coastline on holiday before but never paddled out beyond the breakers or are yet to give bodyboarding a go, or perhaps you’ve been bodyboarding here for years but now you want to take it to the next level?

We’ll make sure you’re guaranteed the best conditions for each session, thanks to the more than 30 years of experience multiple-times British Bodyboard Champion Rob Barber and his coaching team have in the area.

So whether you want to perfect your 360 spins, learn how to land rolls, or simply pull in and score some perfect hollow barrels in groomed groundswell, we have you covered.


Cornwall is of course the undisputed surf capital of the UK, and on this camp you’ll experience the best of its epic north coast spots – think golden beaches, beautiful waves and epic sunsets.

You won’t need to worry about battling the crowds that can swamp the waters of Newquay. Instead, we’ll take you off the beaten track to places that only a few know about.

We’ll find those gorgeous hidden gems up and down the coastline, and will make sure you bodyboard the best waves at the most beautiful spots. Because this is where we’re from – as locals we understand the best tide-and-wind combination at every top beach, reef, wedge and secret spot. Over the years we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Our aim is to improve your skills, maximise your fun and enjoy the best of beautiful Kernow’s incredible coastline.


A gorgeous stretch of golden sands in the heart of Cornwall’s north coast, Perranporth picks up loads of swell and has multiple peaks, spreading out the crowd.

Offshore on a SE wind like many of Cornwall’s north coast beaches, it’s a great place to pick an empty peak and stroke into some nice long walls.


One of the premier beach breaks on the north coast, Porthtowan works throughout the tides, with a low tide sandbar giving peeling tubes left and right.

Located in a stunning stretch of coast famed for its tin mining, Porthtowan is a popular spot but has ample room on the pushing tide to bag some excellent waves to remember.

Tolcarne Wedge 

One of the best wedges in the UK, Tolcarne is located in the middle of Newquay and stands up as a classic A-frame left which refracts off the cliff and fires riders down the line into advancing sections.

A hugely fun ride from mid to high tide, it’s the premier place on the north coast to launch big manoeuvres and see dramatic improvements in your air game.

Towan Beach

The most sheltered of Newquay’s town beaches, Towan is the perfect spot when the unprotected west-facing beaches are big and blown out, still providing clean conditions which are perfect for those new to bodyboarding.

The harbour at Towan provides fairly consistent lefts, and is best at mid tide on the push. A great place to head on a SW wind when everywhere else is too big. Our centre is based at Towan beach so we are only 20 metres from the sand!

Fistral Beach 

The jewel in the crown of Cornwall’s surf scene, Fistral is a high-quality beachbreak providing excellent waves on an offshore SE wind.

It works on all stages of the tide and offers multiple peaks. There’s a reason it’s the UK’s most famous surf beach!

Spot W

A hidden spot capable of giving some excellent left-handers, Spot W is tucked away and enjoys a decent swell and a S/SW wind. We will keep further details about this spot to ourselves for now, but we’re sure that you’ll love it.

Great Western Beach

The central beach of Newquay’s arsenal, located between Tolcarne and the more protected Towan, Great Western works best on a similar swell, and can give consistent, clean conditions on a SW wind, working both lefts and rights.

A great option when the bigger, more exposed beaches like Fistral are sizeable and suffering in cross/onshore winds.


You’ll capture a real flavour of our special ‘Kernow’ lifestyle at this bodyboarding camp, staying at our nomadic yurts and Cornish holiday barns.

Located just 10 minutes away from a multitude of north coast breaks, staying in a Mongolian-style yurt gets you close to nature without losing the luxury of a warm, comfortable bed. Each one has been lovingly furnished with beautiful wooden furniture and is the perfect place for some well-earned R&R after a fun day of bodyboarding.

The yurts are self-catered so you can prepare your own meals, lunches and snacks, and there is a woodshed which houses a communal kitchen, where you have access to shared cookers and sinks. Each yurt has its own fridge and cupboards for your stay. Ask about our non-bodyboarder rates too if you want to bring someone who isn’t taking part in the coaching weekend.

Supplementing the yurts are individual shower, bathroom and kitchen facilities, a heated outdoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, volleyball court, sun loungers, wetsuit hanging facilities and a TV room to watch the latest bodyboarding flicks.

Don’t worry if glamping isn’t your bag though, as we also offer a selection of traditionally-converted Cornish barns, all with outdoor seating areas, barbecues and large picnic gardens (with children’s play area). All the barns have locking doors and fully-operational kitchens fitted with all the luxuries of home.

The barns are also situated next to the yurts, so whichever option you fancy, we’ll all be kicking back in the same area and enjoying shared downtime between sessions. Each day we’ll meet in the comfortable chill-out lounge to go through the video and photo analysis.

If you want to come on the weekend but the camp itself is fully booked or you would prefer alternative accommodation, we can help find you somewhere suitable in Newquay, and simply transport you to and from the site each day. We have great connections with local providers including the Carnmarth Hotel where all customers will receive a discounted rate, just let us know when you book your weekend with us and we can provide you with a discount code.

Likewise, if you’d like to stay longer than two days, there are options to bespoke a package for further nights and an extra day or two’s coaching or why not sample other activities that we offer at our sister business, like kayak, coasteer, surf or SUP.

The vibe created by our bodyboarding camp is relaxed and well-natured. Don’t forget, all the people you’ll meet on this trip are feeding the same addiction for scoring sick waves, improving their riding and meeting new people. We guarantee you’ll make new bodyboarding friends and contacts you’ll surf with in the future.

What are the accommodation options?

2 nights in small luxury yurt (for couples)2 days bodyboard coaching£279pp
2 nights in large luxury yurt (for individuals)2 days bodyboard coaching£289pp
2 nights in Cornish cottage2 days bodyboard coaching£309pp
None2 days bodyboard coaching£169pp

Our Cornwall Camp is proving one of the most popular Bodyboard Holiday options and like all our holidays the tuition and general inclusion works best if we are all under one ‘roof’, or in this case one camp.

We encourage everyone interested in this holiday to make the most of our special bodyboarder rates and stay at the camp.

Ask about our non-bodyboarder yurt rates if someone you want to bring isn’t taking part in the coaching weekend.

Everyone who stays in a luxury yurt or the Cornish cottage gets use of the lovely heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, as well as individual showers/bathroom facilities, toilets, kitchen facilities including frdges, volleyball court, TV room, sun loungers for chilling, wetsuit hanging areas and your own private BBQ porch. There are no safes for valuables but all doors lock.

I’d like to stay longer than two days, is that possible?

There are options to stay a further night as well as deals on an extra day or two’s coaching, just contact us to discuss this option.

What if the camp is full?

We can find you alternative accommodation in Newquay and transport you to and from the camp each day

For more information please call us on 01637 879571.

Cornwall Bodyboard Camp


Cornwall’s air and sea climate is the warmest in the UK. Thanks to both the jet stream in the atmosphere and the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall is blessed with a comparatively mild climate and temperate seas, all year round.

With a long, intricate and varied coastline developing its own micro-climates from one beach to the next, you’re likely to be soaking up the rays as much as the waves, whatever the season.

Our autumn camp is prime time deliverance – low crowds, the warmest sea temperatures of the year and the start of the swell season proper. It’s also normally a banker for good weather, so long-period booming barrels and barbecues, what could be better!

Cornwall Bodyboard Camp Food


The yurts are self-catered so you can prepare your own meals, lunches and snacks. There is a woodshed that houses a communal kitchen where you have your own fridge, cupboards, cutlery, pots, pans and access to a shared cooker and sink. The Cornish holiday cottage has a fully operational kitchen with all the luxuries of home. We ask you to prepare a packed lunch for both days so that we can enjoy our surfari along the coast. We’d recommend fruit, nuts and other fibre filled snacks to keep you energised in the water. We visit our favourite country pub on Saturday evening and enjoy fantastic local produce, all dietary requirements can be catered for. Budget £12 for the meal.

Cornwall Bodyboard Camp


Our coaching team offers daily tuition, tailored to your ability with instructors who are in-house qualified and fully insured. Experienced lifeguards, some have 30 years of surfing experience and 20 years of worldwide travel experience, including multiple-times British National Champion and Team Coach Rob Barber.

Foundation level instruction

You’ll never be thrown straight into the deep end. We’ve got your back whatever your ability, and that’s a promise. Likewise, intermediate and advanced-level coaching is also tailored towards the individual.

Don’t stress if you’re a beginner – on this camp there’s something for everyone, and we all have to start somewhere. In fact, you’ll be amazed how quickly you master paddling out to catch good-quality waves, and we’re committed to patiently helping you progress.

Improver Instruction

To aid with this, we send out a pre-event form to measure your ability before you arrive. If you’ve not attended a coaching weekend or holiday before, don’t worry – we can have a surf assessment, get to grips with your riding and help plot you a path of improvements.

Advanced Instruction

Our coaching cover all levels of riding, with separate ability groups and instructors to suit your standard, whether you’re a novice or a pro. Some of the riders that have attended our weekends have wanted to learn the most gymnastic aerial moves. The use of video and photo analysis plus the invaluable in-water tips after each ride can see you improve your style and nail those specfic moves that you’ve always wanted to land. We help everyone achieve their goals.

We want to maximise your time in the water on this camp, which is why we offer three in-water sessions over the two days.

The Saturday sessions are each two hours long, and can be catered to cover any aspects of bodyboarding you wish to focus on. The Sunday session will be longer, giving you a chance to put into practice the developments you’ve made, and build on things you’ve learned.

Two or more of your in-water sessions will be photographed and filmed, and these will be covered in the post-surf video analysis. This will include demonstrations and move-by-move break downs to help you progress faster. We will also use our instructional clips to break down moves for you.

As well as coaching, we’re also keen to develop your learning and understanding of the sport in general. This is why we offer a separate Q&A session, answering all things bodyboarding: equipment, travel, safety, surf prediction, understanding pressure charts and bodyboarding fitness. Learning is tailored to each ability group, and no question is too big or small.

Damian Prisk Advanced / Elite coaching

Maybe you’ve been bodyboarding for a while now and are quite comfortable paddling out when it’s sizey, or tackling the drop at some of the heavier breaks around. Maybe you’re ready to move on from rolls and lip launches and start stepping it up to more complex moves, such as ARSs and inverts…

On specific weekends we make sure you’re guaranteed the best conditions at the optimum breaks available, all under the tutelage of one of the most successful riders the UK has ever produced – Damian Prisk.

A pro rider for 25 years, Damian has excelled nationally winning many British titles and is on hand to work closely with you to make sure you reach that next level in your bodyboarding. This coaching runs as part of our Newquay coaching weekends.  Full information here.


If you’re coming by car, the camp is located about 10 miles outside of Newquay. Normally people arrive on the Friday evening (no earlier than 4pm), and we will email you an information pack with directions three days before.

If you’re coming by train it’s even easier – send us your train’s arrival time at Newquay and we’ll come and collect you. Likewise, if you’re flying into Newquay airport, send us your flight number and scheduled arrival time, and we’ll come and collect you.



We encourage everyone interested in this holiday to make the most of our special bodyboarder rates and stay at the camp.

2 nights in small luxury yurt (for couples)2 days bodyboard coaching£279pp
2 nights in large luxury yurt (for individuals)2 days bodyboard coaching£289pp
2 nights in Cornish cottage2 days bodyboard coaching£309pp
None2 days bodyboard coaching£169pp

Ask about our non-bodyboarder yurt rates if someone you want to bring isn’t taking part in the coaching weekend.

I’d like to stay longer than two days, is that possible?

There are options to stay a further night as well as deals on an extra day or two’s coaching, just contact us to discuss this option.

Equipment hire:

We have pro standard equipment available to hire for the weekend, just let us know at time of booking what you need and your sizes.

Pro standard Bodyboard Hire £8 per day
Swim fin hire £8 per day
Wetsuit hire £8 per day


We visit our favourite country pub on Saturday evening and enjoy fantastic local produce. Budget £12 for the meal. This is optional.

Cornwall Bodyboard Camp


Cornwall – also known as ‘Kernow’ in its mother tongue – is a wild, rugged county, located in the far south-western tip of England.

Apart from its world-class beaches, excellent variety of waves and high swell consistency, it boasts a unique culture, incredibly clean air, and bright light – it’s no wonder poets, authors and artists have been coming here for centuries!

Head back in land from Cornwall’s beautiful beaches, bays and coves and you’ll find wilderness moorland, granite-topped hills, ancient stone structures and ubiquitous tin-mine pump houses, unmistakable silhouettes of its famous mining history.

Today, Cornwall’s main industry is tourism, and there is a million and one things to do only a short distance from camp. Newquay is booming with independent shops with a great cafe culture, you are never far away from a flat white.

For instance, why not turn your weekend into a week, and experience the thrill of coasteering, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding at our sister company, the Newquay Activity Centre? As a camp guest you’ll be entitled to discounted rates on any of the activities, which are guaranteed to keep you smiling.

Kit List

Pro-standard bodyboard hire – £8 per day
Swim fin hire – £8 per day
Wetsuit hire – £8 per day 

We offer an excellent selection of kit hire for the weekend, which can be ordered in advance and that we’ll bring along, so all you need to think about is the surf, sea and sun! If you have your own kit, please bring it along.

Feel free to call us on 01637 879571 and we can chat with you about what you’d need to hire so it’s ready and waiting for you when you arrive. We ask you to arrive on the Friday at our centre, before 4pm to pick up your hire kit. 


Being Britain and not the tropics, we’d recommend a board with a bit of flex! Therefore aim to bring a board with either a stringered PE or a low-density PP core.

To help with this, we can supply hired boards which are perfect for use in British temperatures and wave types.

If you need to hire one for the weekend, or are interested in trying one different to your own, get in touch and we can get you sorted with the right-sized board so you can get the most out of the weekend.


Although Cornish waters are the mildest in the country, we’d still recommend bringing along a decent wetsuit.

A winter 5/3mm is perfect for the cooler times of year, or a sealed-seam 3/2mm is ideal for sunny Kernow’s summer and autumn seasons.


It’s essential to use a pair of comfortable, powerful, bodyboarding swim fins to get the most from the awesome waves on the camp. 



It’s a simple insurance policy on any trip or weekend, so don’t forget a leash – it’ll save you a whole load of unnecessary swimming. 


Bodyboard bag (optional)

A decent board bag will keep your kit safely protected, and have room left over for bulky things like your wetsuit, fins and a towel. They range from £20 to more than £100 – the more you pay, the better storage and protection you get.

Board sock (optional)

Board socks perform a dual purpose, protecting your board from the sun, and drying you off as it’s a handy towel. The humble board sock is a great all-rounder. 


Fin socks

Fin socks are a standard piece of kit for Britain, even in the summer. They protect your feet from rub and sharp rocks, as well as keeping them toasty on the early morning sessions. 


Heel shields

If you don’t wear wetsuit socks and want to prevent rub around your heels, it’s worth considering a set of heel shields. They make fins comfortable, stop chafe and have different thickness levels to suit the snugness of your fin. 


Fin tethers

Don’t let a lost fin ruin the rest of your trip. Bag a set of tethers and know you’ll pop up from every duckdive and wipeout with both fins still attached.

Sun protection

There are a range of sun creams geared specifically for bodyboarding. We can attest they actually stay on in the water, and we’ve tested them in some searing conditions.

While we can’t guarantee bright blue skies, there’s nothing worse than having to sit out on an epic session because your suncream washed off yesterday and today you’re painfully crispy.


Please bring warm clothing suitable for all weathers. Layers are the best option to make sure you are covered for all weather conditions.

Reuseable Water Bottle

Please bring a reuseable water bottle as we won’t always have time to get to the shops before our sessions.

Small Change

Please bring some small change to contribute to the beach carparks if we go mobile.

Packed Lunch

Remember your packed lunch for Saturday and snacks to keep you fuelled up throughout the weekend.

What’s Included

  •  Three separate in-water sessions, Saturday sessions are two hours long covering all aspects of bodyboarding you wish to focus upon. The Sunday session will be longer.
  • All of your in-water sessions will be filmed and these will be analysed. This will include demonstrations and move-by-move break downs to help you conquer every aspect of the sport.
  • Q and A sessions about bodyboarding equipment, travel, safety, surf prediction and bodyboarding fitness.
  • Photographs and video will be taken to help you improve your riding, these will be available for you to take home at the end of the weekend. All images will be uploaded to an online gallery and the link shared with you. The video will be upload to a memory stick so please bring one with you with plenty of space available.


Please see the ‘upcoming trips’ section on this page for the dates of the next Cornwall Camp.

If you are booked into the yurt or holiday barn accommodation you arrive on the Friday afternoon after 4pm.

If you are booked on just for the coaching sessions you arrive on the Saturday morning.

The weekend finishes after lunch on Sunday.

All dates, times, location and check-in info will be supplied to you by email on the Wednesday before the camp begins.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Cornwall Camp.

Do I need a visa?

At present, there is no visa required to enter the UK for European citizens. However, this can vary for non-European visitors, so you should seek advice about any possible visa requirements from your travel agent in advance.

What currency should I take and how much will I spend?

The currency in the UK is the British Pound, which you can pick up from UK travel agencies, banks or post offices.


If you are an international traveller, please get your money changed before the trip or bring a card to take money out from the ATM. Getting this done ahead of time will help to maximise your surf time and minimise the stress of looking for a place to exchange your currency on the weekend.

In addition to food costs (detailed below), we recommend bringing around £8 in change for any beach car parks which we may use on the surfari. If you are car sharing with other riders on the course we will ask you all to chip in for the car park.

What will we do about food?

For Saturday morning we suggest that you organise your own breakfast, and to prepare a packed lunch to bring along. This is so we can stay mobile on the surfari – we can’t guarantee we’ll be near a spot with a cafe.

On Saturday night we will have a group meal, usually at the local pub just 5 minutes from camp, so aim to budget around £12 for that. We will take orders on Saturday morning during our welcome meeting.

Sunday lunchtime we often go for a bite before heading off home. If you budget £25 in total for food/sundries over the weekend that should be plenty. From experience, it’s worth bringing some snacks in your bag to keep fuelled during the day.

How will we travel around?

After meeting at camp on Saturday morning, we’ll split each of the groups in to ability levels.

Within these groups, we then ask those who have driven to the camp to share their car with others and follow our instructors to the chosen beaches. The journey time is rarely longer than 15 minutes.

Please have your vehicle fuelled up if you are happy to car share. We try to use the minimum number of vehicles possible to minimise our environmental impact and reduce our footprint in coastal car parks, and we split any car parking costs between the passengers in each vehicle.

Can I make contact from abroad?

If you are based outside of the UK and would like to chat through the weekend details, we can be contacted through WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype, just let us know by email and we can arrange this with you.

How do I pay?

Payments are all made via our online invoicing system called Simple Invoices. Once you have confirmed you wish to join a trip we will send you an online invoice via email. Within this email there will be a link where that will take you to our secure payment system where you will need to enter your credit or debit card details to make the payment. In some circumstances we can facilitate a payment plan, just let us know if you wish to discuss this. Full payment must be made 12 weeks prior to the holiday start date.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

If you can no longer join the trip please let us know as soon as possible via email, your cancellation will be effective from the date which it is received by Bodyboard-Holidays. Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

Over 12 weeks – deposit only (one third of the total trip price)
36 days to 12 weeks – 50% of total cost
21-35 days – 75% of total cost
Under 20 days – 100% of total cost

However if your cancellation is within the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim. Further information here. https://bodyboard-holidays.com/terms-conditions/

How to book

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“Great weekend, stayed in an amazing yurt site, met loads of lovely people, and as I was a little more experienced than the others, Rob gave me some personal coaching and targets, a nice touch, much appreciated.”

Neil B

“Great weekend, stayed in an amazing yurt site, met loads of lovely people, and as I was a little more experienced than the others, Rob gave me some personal coaching and targets, a nice touch, much appreciated. 

Ant M

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