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Secret Morocco


Secret Morocco

  • Seven-night trip to our hidden corner of Morocco

  • Uncrowded desert perfection away from tourist hot-spots

  • Empty line-ups, long points and punchy wedges

  • Epic night skies on the edge of the Sahara Desert

  • Seven-night trip to our hidden corner of Morocco
  • Uncrowded desert perfection away from tourist hot-spots
  • Empty line-ups, long points and punchy wedges
  • Epic night skies on the edge of the Sahara Desert


Quick Facts

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Quick Facts

  • Empty line ups offering long perfect rides
  • An abundance of swell & warm water
  • Sense of adventure and off grid travel
  • Cheap flights from Europe
  • Consistent warm weather
  • Includes professional video and photography analysis package for you to take home
  • Personalised and structured coaching for all levels
  • A strong rapport with local bodyboarders
  • Local guides that have us covered in all situations
  • Rich in culture with trips to local markets, bazars, an old colonial fort and more
  • Eye opening bemusement on a daily basis, guaranteed
  • Meet likeminded bodyboarders and create lasting friendships

Why join a Bodyboard Holiday in Morocco?

If the search for solitude and a culturally rich experience resonates with you, then our Secret Morocco trip hits the jackpot! Off the beaten track, on the edge of the Sahara and away from the well-known surfing hot-spots, we’ve discovered miles of empty beaches and untouched point breaks. Having done the hard yards, we’re keen to show you what bodyboarding in Morocco is truly all about!

What to expect?

For seven days we’ll be exploring the deep South of Morocco, where the world’s biggest desert stops, and some of the world’s best bodyboarding begins. Staying in a modern and spacious villa, we’ll be looked after by a team of local Berbers who not only cook us fresh and delicious traditional food daily but guide us to uncrowded waves, share with us their culture and friends. 

Who is this trip for?

For those travelling bodyboarders looking to get out their comfort zone and experience the real Morocco, but not wanting to go it alone. In terms of bodyboarding, it is suitable for all levels and those that want to progress. The abundance of long point breaks means lengthy rides where you can clock up plenty of wave time and practice manoeuvres over and over until you’ve nailed them.

202327mayAll Day03junSale Price!Secret Morocco 7 Nights£1500

202309sepAll Day16Secret Morocco 7 Nights£1650


  • A video call with trip leader – Here we’ll discuss how to book your flights, insurance and where you will be met on arrival. We’ll cover your objectives, pre-trip planning, the food package option, dietary requirements, physical preparation, kit list, trip expectations and you’ll have the chance to ask any burning questions about the holiday or bodyboarding in general.
  • Upon completion of the call, you will receive the trip leaders direct contact number so that you have personal, immediate line of communication until arrival in the destination.
  • Bespoke Bodyboard-Holiday preparation fitness video.
  • Bespoke Bodyboard-Holiday preparation Yoga video geared toward bodyboarding flexibility and cramp reduction.
  • If you have footage of your riding, we can offer a pre-trip analysis.


  • A member of our Moroccan team will be waiting for you in arrivals at the airport, having tracked your flight. Your transfer to our accommodation will be around an hour and a half long. After a surf stoked week we will return you to the airport in good time for a stress-free check-in. Please note, we offer one pick up time per day and we ask you to plan your flight times to sync up with this. We will explain how this works during the pre-trip video call. Please see ‘Travel’ for further information.


Our Secret Morocco bodyboard week comprises 7 nights’ accommodation a traditional and spacious villa just a short walk from the beach and culturally rich local village.

  • Private room for each guest
  • Swimming pool and chill out areas
  • Spacious, airy living area with large screen TV and Wifi
  • Daily cleaning
  • Quality towels and bed linen
  • Board/fin storage and wetsuit wash and hang facilities


  • A really unique aspect of the Secret Morocco bodyboarding holiday is that our host owns an epic beach break with its own point break next to it! A hard concept to get your head around, but that’s why we keep going back for more! As if that weren’t enough, we get to hang out in their unique beach front bodyboard complex. The complex hosts Moroccan day beds for chilling between sessions, an area to review video footage between sessions, there are toilets, shaded eating areas to enjoy lunch, sunny areas for an afternoon siesta in the sun and it’s strategically positioned on the perfect vantage point to check the whole of the beach and the pointbreak. So, while you’re sunbathing you can see all the action and head in and out of the water as many times as you want throughout the day. This place was literally built for fun!
  • Secret Morocco lives up to its name due to the abundance of completely empty secret spots. When the local spots aren’t firing, we’ll hit the road with our expert trip leaders and local guide who will draw upon their collective 40+ years of experience to find the best waves for your ability.


  • With such a small group we can ensure personalised one-to-one coaching
  • We will find the waves that suit your objectives, this will be discussed in your pre-trip video call
  • It’s super warm when we visit, so if you haven’t surfed in board shorts or a bikini before, prepare for a shock at how much easier many moves become
  • Using the Bodyboard-Holidays Tree of Knowledge, for those with the desire to really improve their riding, we will plot your progression and sign post you through each stage of your bodyboarding development
  • Using our bespoke resource bank of explainer videos, we will help you to overcome your bodyboarding challenges
  • Coaching can be optional, if it’s not for you we can focus more on free surfing, photography, and video. It’s your trip, we will facilitate your fun!


  • Land and in water photo and video package to take home with you (all uploaded to an online gallery for you)
  • Daily analysis sessions of the footage to see you improve fast
  • Move specific split screen analysis videos to break down the sports benchmark moves step by step


Throughout the week we will deliver several bodyboarding related workshops that are optional to attend.

  • Surf forecasting & travel
  • Equipment and industry trends
  • Duck diving and paddling efficiency
  • 360 and roll workshop
  • Yoga, stretching and nutrition session
  • Ask Me Anything session (a workshop tailored to your burning questions)


We spend a lot of time bodyboarding, but when it is finished for the day, people’s time is then their own to visit the local beach or village with its vibrant market, bazars, cafes and bar or climb up to the old colonial castle to watch the sunset over the Atlantic. Our team of Moroccan guides have grown up in this epic little village, you will experience things that many would never see.


The evenings are for kicking back, hanging out and eating together.  Watching a stunning sunset at the beach with some cool drinks, using the swimming pool or catching the latest bodyboarding film on the TV.


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We Offer 3 Easy Ways To Pay!

  1. Pay In Full – Pay the full amount in one, that’s it your done! (Available online)
  2. 50/50 – Pay 50% deposit and then 5 weeks later pay the remaining 50%. (Available online)
  3. Payment Plan – Pay an initial deposit of as little as £100 to save your place and the rest in instalments!  (Contact us using our online chat for this option)


We can’t guarantee your place until we have received a payment from you.

Once you have made a payment, you’ll then be sent a trip confirmation email with all details on.

Yes definitely! We pride ourselves on being super welcoming and friendly. Most of our guests arrive solo and leave with a host of new bodyboarding buddies.

Due to this trip being in high demand and having limited spaces, we can only hold your space for up to 24 hours without payment.

You are welcome to attend for a shorter period to suit your personal schedule, however the package price will remain the same.

Group booking discounts are available, please contact us for more information.

ASAP! These holidays fill up quickly and, with limited spaces available, sell out fast. We operate on a first come first serve basis. If you want to secure your place on the trip, it is advised that you pay as soon as you can.

If you are based outside of the UK and would like to book or chat through the holiday details, we can be contacted through our online chat.

If you wish to bring a non-bodyboarding partner with you, that is absolutely fine, however, the price stays the same.

We have a great mix of all ages from young whipper-snappers to silver surfers.

The gender ratio at the moment is around 60% men to 40% women. However, this is constantly changing and Bodyboard Holidays is inclusive to all.

Nearly all International mobile networks work in Morocco. For internet calls, there’s WiFi access at the villa with an acceptable connection.

Yes, an acceptable connection throughout the accommodation but in our experience, it isn’t a strong enough connection to stream movies or download large files.

You’ll be asked to fill in an enrolment form as part of the booking process. You’ll signify which level of bodyboarder you are. You may be in a different group suited to your ability, however, there will be plenty of time to see each other back at the accommodation and during our social evening meals.

We choose the time of year and location for our holidays based on local knowledge and historical swell data. In the event of flat waves or stormy conditions, we will offer alternative activities and day trips to help you get the most out of your holiday.

Please take a look at our Area section for more information. We may also adjust the format of the week, for example, choosing to run more bodyboard sessions on the days that the waves are at their best.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions for more information.

The area that we visit is blessed with constant surf, you can expect great conditions most days of the trip. To give you a clearer idea, the videos on this webpage were all filmed during previous bodyboard holiday trips.

Please refer to the Waves section for more details.

We do not offer a discount for bringing your own equipment.

Remember to check the baggage size and weight allowance with your airline, as well as reading their guidance for carrying bodyboards. Baggage handlers can be unforgiving, so a tough bag and intelligent packing are a must.

Firstly, pack your board(s) in a protective, padded board bag, and write FRAGILE and TOP LOAD ONLY on it with a permanent marker. Make sure you wrap your towel and clothes around your board inside the bag for added protection. Place your shampoo and other wet toiletries in a separate sealed bag in case of leakage. We also recommend locking the zips on your bag with a padlock.

Visas are not required for British and European passport holders for stays under 90 days. Passports must be valid for three months from the date of entry into Portugal. Non-European travellers should seek advice about visa requirements from their travel agent.

If you’re not a British national, please check international travel requirements for your nationality.

Please contact your travel agent or airline if you have any further questions. It’s a good idea to carry photocopies of your important documents and guide books and pack them separately. We also suggest scanning copies and emailing them to yourself for extra reassurance.

If you are under 18, we will need to chat to you on the phone and you will need to be accompanied on the trip by a parent or guardian throughout the holiday. If you are 60 or over we’d love to chat with you about the trip before you book. Please contact us via our online chat.

On the day you travel please keep your mobile phone handy so we can stay in touch in case of delays and flight changes. Please inform us if you’re early or delayed for any reason.

If you need help booking your flight then just drop us a line or read our helpful blog post about booking flights.

If you can’t find our representative at the airport, stay there and wait, they won’t be far away. Our transfer representatives will have access to your arrival details. However, if you’re having difficulties finding them follow the instructions in your pre-arrival email. One of the team will locate you.  Upon booking the trip the trip leader will share their direct mobile number so that you can contact them if you need them

As with any holiday, full travel insurance is a requirement for all guests booking a trip with the company. 

Please also ensure that your policy covers you for ‘disruption to travel’ and ‘cover for cancellations’ as standard.

For further help please read our helpful blog post about travel insurance.

You may need to add additional cover for surfing or bodyboarding, it is essential that your insurance policy covers you for all activities during your stay. Failure to take out travel insurance breaks the contract between Bodyboard Holidays and the client.

If you are joining one of our trips and you are native to the country of its location (i.e you live in Lisbon and are joining our Portugal trip) you do not need to take out medical travel insurance. This is as long as you have your own personal health-care plan or are covered by your country’s National Health Service. Although, we kindly request that you still take out trip disruption and cancellation insurance to cover all possible eventualities.

Visit your government’s travel advisory website for the latest Morocco health advice.

Please contact your doctor if you’re unsure about vaccinations.

The currency in Morocco is the Dirham which you can pick up from travel agencies, banks or post offices. There are exchange facilities in airports as well as ATMs.

Please get your money changed before the trip or bring a valid card to withdraw from an ATM in Agadir. There are also banks in the village that we stay. It’s your responsibility to organise your currency in your own time.

If you take the food package option you will need to pay, in cash for this to our chef on the first day of the trip. They would like to be paid in pound sterling, the price can be seen on the ‘What to budget for’ section.

Please refer to the “What to budget for?” section.

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