Your Guide to Bodyboarding Southern Sumatra

By Chris Burton

The mission here at Bodyboard-Holidays has always been simple. To deliver to bodyboarders from all over the world, the best waves in multiple global destinations with expert coaching and great accommodation.

We feel that with our Southern Sumatra trip we have absolutely hit the nail on the head and after four years of planning, this year we ran our inaugural trip with stunning results!

The waves in Southern Sumatra are quite simply up there with some of the best waves in the world and from the very first day the gang were paddling out in to tropical barrels with very few people to share them with. For some it was the best waves they had ever seen, for others it was a chance to try out all their best moves in the perfect surf.

Even though the crowds are low in this part of the world we still went in search of empty waves and that is exactly what we found. On day two we stumbled upon a perfect left hand bowl and couldn’t wait to get stuck in!

On our travels to a neighbouring island not only did we find more great waves but we came across a group of local groms. We were blown away with their determination and resourcefulness to ride the waves despite not having any real bodyboarding equipment. Who needs a board when you have cooler box lids?

We spent 10 glorious days in Southern Sumatra and along the way sampled some of the best bodyboarding conditions you could hope for. We stayed a stones throw away from a seemingly endless point break providing long peeling left hand waves, ate delicious freshly prepared food every day and hung out with a group of like minded bodyboarders. It was a super fun and ultra relaxed environment. To say this first Bodyboard-Holidays trip to South Sumatra was a success is a massive understatement. In the words of Rob Barber director of Bodyboard-Holidays ‘We scored some of the best waves we’ve ever scored on a Bodyboard-Holiday’ Considering Bodyboard-Holidays have been running foreign trips for over two decades I say that goes down as a result!

To find out more about this awesome trip check out our website here

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