Top tips for dropknee riding with Jay Reale

Taking To The Knee

By Owen Pye

For many, bodyboarding is about riding waves prone, allowing you control, and thus helping reduce the time it takes to get good. Riding prone is naturally where everyone starts, but one of the reasons bodyboarding is so accessible and enjoyable is its versatility.

In the 1970s, Hawaiian waterman Jack Lindholm began experimenting on the new craft, and created what became known as the ‘Jack stance’ … riding on one foot and one knee.

Over the years this novel way of riding the board – halfway between riding prone and stand-up surfing – grew in popularity, to the point it developed its own division within the sport, and in time crowned its own world champion.

Dropknee riding is more difficult than prone – it requires you to paddle, pop up, lift a finned foot onto the deck of the board and turn and carve with balance… as such falling off is far more likely than riding prone, and thus requires more time to learn and improve.

Check out this YouTube video HERE with one of the sport’s all-time dropknee heroes Jay Reale, who takes you through which type of surf to learn in and how to get up, so you can be ripping in no time.

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