Top 5 Portuguese bodyboarding videos of 2015


Over the last couple of months we have seen an abundance of explosive bodyboarding clips coming out of Portugal, with Pierre-Louis Costes’ video Obrigado being the latest humbling clip to hit our screens. These videos are not only showcasing supreme individual talent and putting Portugal firmly on the bodyboarding map, but have created a source of great debate among bodyboarders here in Portugal, as to which flick is the cream of the crop?

We too at Bodyboard-Holidays are divided on which video is the slickest and sickest, and are now putting the ball in your court. Check these five mind-blowing vids and let us know how you rank them!

  1. Obrigado (Pierre-Louis Costes)

Portugal has been PLC’s adopted home for the last five years, and so he put this clip together to say thank you (Obrigado) to Portugal, its people and waves for everything they have done for him. In doing so, Obrigado highlights the variety of big, heavy bodyboarding waves Portugal has to offer, his love for a Reverse 720° and the fact that in his words “Portugal is one of, if not the most underrated countries for waves!”

  1. Moods (Daniel Fonseca)

In this video, Daniel Fonseca, a 22-year old ripper from Peniche makes surfing big Supertubos look easy and unleashes his bag of tricks on his local wedge with power and style. It’s no coincidence he’s recently been selected to represent Portugal at the ISA surfing games in Chile!

  1. Mar da Calha (Hugo Pinheiro)

Hugo Pinheiro, a Red Bull athlete, 3 x European and 2 x Portuguese champion takes us on a journey to realise his longstanding ambition to be the first to take on the mysterious, legendary and much feared Mar da Calha that is situated 1km out to sea, in Lisbon’s notoriously dangerous estuary. This documentary gives us an interesting insight into the history of Portuguese bodyboarding, showcases Hugo’s slick riding but most importantly, leaves you with that feeling to get out there and explore.

  1. Volta, episode 2 (Tó Cardoso)

Volta is a three-part documentary exploring Portugal’s best bodyboarding waves. In this episode, Tó Cardoso takes us to some of his favourite unknown wedges in the North of Portugal, one of which he excitedly describes as: “it’s so fun it looks like a playground!!”. Given his clean, powerful Aussie-like style it’s no wonder he finished 12th on this year’s APB World tour.

  1. Fade to Black (Manuel Centeno)

Manuel is Portugal’s most competitive and decorated rider, being crowned 1 x World ISA, 2 x European and 2 x Portuguese champion. Fade to Black is a short film highlighting the very best days of Portugal’s last winter. Captured in black and white, an accompanying mellow tune and plenty of slow-mo all make for a unique viewing experience.

So, you’ve seen the goods, now what’s the verdict? Add a comment below and tell us the order you rank these five explosive videos.

So you can probably see why PLC classes Portugal as one of the most under rated countries in the world for waves… Why don’t you come and check it out for your self by joining us in May, September or October?