The Isolation Bodyboard Challenge


Bodyboard Holidays Newquay Voice Feature

As the Covid 19 restrictions kicked in around the world we decided to launch ‘The Isolation Bodyboard Challenge’ through our Bodyboard Holidays Instagram account. The uptake was huge, with entries from all over the world. Bodyboard-Holidays Director Rob Barber, even made the cover of the local Newspaper. Here’s what Rob answered when the paper asked him what his typical lock down day looks like:

A typical day begins around 6am. I’ll get up and sneak down stairs to my home office with out waking up my partner Claire or two kids (Parker age 1 and Mila age 6). I work until 8.30 when I have my first Zoom meeting with a freelancer who is working on an ongoing web based project for us. At 9am I will then hold a staff meeting for those that haven’t been furloughed. We make a plan for the day and agree to check in again at 2pm. I divide my time between the three companies that our team work on: Newquay Activity Centre, Bodyboard-Holidays and Women + Waves. When the meeting is over I will get a coffee and some breakfast and see the kids. My partner Claire and my son Parker will generally go out for a mid morning walk or a run and Mila comes in to my office and we will begin some fun school tasks. We usually start with some creative writing, fairytales are her favourite and then some maths, which is more challenging so we soon find ourselves finishing this and looking for snacks in the kitchen. I’ll continue to work until 1pm when I break for lunch and play with the kids in the garden for an hour. We’ve created two new games. The first is ‘The Isolation Bodyboard Challenge’ which is basically different ways of riding a bodyboard around the back garden. We posted about this on our Bodyboard-Holidays social media and lots of other bodyboarding families from around the world have been posting their efforts. There are some hilarious posts. Another game is called ‘hide and splash’ which involves a good soaking of a water pistol once you’ve been found hiding.  I usually head back to my desk soaked and energized, ready to eat lunch at my desk, and have another couple of progress meetings with the team. We have staff working on our holidays in different parts of the world so I time my meetings to coincide with the working hours in their part of the world. Through the afternoon I’ll keep my focus on financial planning. Working out where we can save money, trying to forecast how we can trade through this situation and looking at the government support that is available. Every day there are updates and it’s important to me to keep on top of it. I also take a keen eye on the travel updates and spread of Covid through out different territories in the world to see how they will affect our holiday locations and team members in those places. I finish around 5pm and take the kids out for a walk. Often to my mum and step dads place where we stand at the bottom of their drive and chat to them on the phone as they stand in their lounge window. I watch the daily Covid 19 briefing when I get back, usually on Youtube. Then we eat dinner together, bath the kids, read books with them and put them to bed.  Then it’s an hour or so of relaxing, doing some physio that I’m doing, watching some TV, reading the paper. Trying not to get pulled in to emails and messages regarding work. Then off to bed!


Check out @bodyboardholidays Instagram for more Isolation Bodyboard Challenge participants!

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