Stretching Your Bodyboarding Potential With Yoga


Like so many athletes, bodyboarders the world over have realised the potential of yoga and its positive effect on their riding. Professional boogers such as Amaury Lavernhe and the Hubbard brothers make yoga a key part of their training programmes.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis will not only make you more supple, giving you the required flexibility to bust bodyboardings’ contorted array of tricks but it will also offer relief from the tight muscles brought on by bodyboarding (lower back, neck, hamstrings and calves). What’s more, improved body conditioning will prolong your water time and prevent injury. And this is just the physical benefits! The breathing exercises associated with yoga will help you remain calmer in the water, especially in intimidating waves, and will significantly increase your lung capacity which will give you added confidence on the bigger days and greater stamina for those longer paddle outs.

So the big question is not ‘do you practice yoga?’ but ‘why don’t you practice yoga?’!

Regular yoga practice offers innumerable benefits for your body and mind, but for those of you short of time, here are 6 poses specifically aimed at bodyboarders which will improve both your riding and prolong your time in the water. They are quick, easy and effective, and could even be done on the shore before jumping into the surf.

1. Downward dog


·         Develops shoulder / upper body strength which is essential for effective duck diving

·         Relieves tightness / prevents cramping in calves and hamstrings when doing 360s or Reverses

·         Lengthens and loosens neck and back, both areas tend to get stiff after prolonged periods of bodyboarding.

Specific to: 360s, Reverses and mastering your duck dives.

2. Side twist


·         Replicates the twisting movement of 360 spins and Reverses. The more you can twist your back, neck and look over your shoulder the quicker and tighter your spinners will become.

·         Loosens and relieves tightness in lower back area, an area prone to stiffness in bodyboarding.

·         Lengthens and loosens calves and hamstrings

Specific to: pulling tight and fast 360s and Reverses


3. Plank


·         Builds core strength that will improve balance and the muscles required to hold an upright trim position.

·         A stronger core will give you greater endurance and power when paddling out.

·         Core strength is also required to land, take the impact and ride out aerial moves such as el rollo, inverts, ARSs and backflips.

Specific to: Maintaining a stylish and functional trim position, paddling power and landing aerial tricks.

4. Shoulder twist


·         Relieves tightness and soreness in shoulders brought on by extended periods of paddling.

·         Relieves tightness in the hips from repetitive action of kicking.

·         Improves balance that will help all aspects of your bodyboarding.

Specific to: Relieving tightness and improving balance

5. Triangle


·         Replicates the side and back movement when launching an air or invert.

·         Lengthens side body

·         Strengthens hamstrings

Specific to: boosting airs and inverts

6. Back bend


Replicates the back bending of hitting a back flip or ARS.
Loosens and lengthens neck and back
Develops upper body strength, essential for paddling and duck diving
Increases hamstring strength also essential for powerful kicking

Specific to: launching lofty backflips

We now offer yoga sessions on our Portugal coaching holidays and have incorporated yoga stretches into our warm ups. Let us help you get more out of your riding! Check our our upcoming event calendar here.

Thank you to Masha for the all the info on these exercises to help you with your bodyboarding