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We created Bodyboard Holidays as a way to combine new and exciting tropical destinations with expertly guided bodyboarding tuition. We’ve welcomed thousands of guests over the years and it seems that our reputation for providing unforgettable wave-riding holidays has spread far and wide.

This is thanks, in no small part, to the long list of ocean-enthused journos, bloggers and reporters that we’ve welcomed through our doors around the world. We always enjoy introducing new people to the thrilling sport of bodyboarding and we’re always pleased to see the smiles after the session.

Check out how a few of our most recent guests have reacted to their in-water coaching experience:

The Sunday Times

“It is one of those experiences, like first-time sex and driving at great speed, which will stay in the memory. There is a burst of power, a surging, swelling roar of water, a rush of adrenalin and I hurtle towards the shore on the crest of a wave, moved beyond my usual element, mixing water and air, where are the cameras? Where are the lights? Because I’ve got the action.”

Antony Sattin
Sunday Times

The Sun Newspaper

“After a couple of failed attempts to catch a wave, Aidan showed me some personal attention. My finest moment in the waves was the first time I rode a wave all the way to the shore”

Emily Payne
The Sun

Style Magazine

“Rob Barber is a guru for the realists who have given up the dream of being the next Kelly Slater and have taken up the instant and rewarding buzz of bodyboarding. On a family bodyboarding safari Rob Barber improved our skills and finessed our style; Brendan had my learning disabled brother catching waves. This was a day none of us will ever forget. Proper priceless family harmony, chuckles and joy. Try achieving that on a surfboard. Skills are high and the attitude is low from teachers at the Bodyboarding School. Even the surfers in our family loved learning about bodyboarding. Everyone who enjoys riding waves should do a bit of time with Rob.”

Kate Spicer
Sunday Times Style


“But when I finally catch one, it’s a euphoric feeling giving me the confidence to seriously consider taking up the sport.”

Lisa Scott

The Guardian

“Fistral beach, an easier, cheaper and safe starting point for learning to bodyboard and this beach is britains surfing capital, provides the best local spot.”

The Guardian

BBC Radio 1

“It was the most insane, radical, extreme experience I’ve ever had! All joking aside I had a fantastic time and Rob got me riding on my 6th wave. Thanks!”

Carrie (news reader)
BBC Radio 1

Front Magazine

“Rob, the English surf-team coach, is around to show us the ropes. Within minutes he’s run through the basic manoeuvres and got us catching four-foot waves.”

Front Magazine

Men's Fitness

“Training centres such as Rob Barber’s Located at Fistral welcome all skill levels”

Nathan Ditum
Men’s Fitness

Red Bull Bulletin

“The Mentawai islands area of the Indonesian archipelago is renowned for those fantastically clean tubing waves. That’s the ultimate thrill for bodyboarders – to ride within that vortex.”

Red Bulletin Magazine

The Gadget Show

“Under Rob’s expert guidance I managed to catch an amazing ride back to the shore, with the waves crashing around me I got some great waves, one in particular was an absolute belter, it was brilliant!”

John Bentley
The Gadget Show


“Bodyboard holidays has week-long trips to the beautiful shores of Santa Teresa, where other activities include waterfall hikes, canopy tours of the rainforest, snorkelling, fishing, horse riding and yoga”

Yahoo Deluxe

“Bodyboarding in Costa Rica – A tropical climate and Pacific beaches make Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast ideal for an active bodyboard holiday”

CNN Travel