Portugal Bodyboarding – Two Person Trips

4 Ways that you and a friend can score perfect Portuguese pits.

Harry from Fuerteventura and Jaime from El Salvador, unbeknown to one another, met on our recent ‘Partners in Crime’ bodyboard holiday in Portugal. They came seeking a few fun waves but left having got so much more out of their epic trip.

1.    Better waves than they had ever imagined

On arrival, both Harry and Jaime agreed they were hoping for a week of getting wet. Well, seven days and sixteen sessions later, they had had more than their fill of fun waves, a belly full of sick waves in fact. Even with a week of unfavourable weather and winds our man on the ground Mave, was able to sniff out perfect offshore conditions off the beaten track.

2.    An immersion in Portuguese culture

In between sessions, Mave, a resident of Portugal since 2007 chauffeured the pair around the cultural hotspots of Sintra, Cascais and Lisbon: Cabo da Roca, Azenhas de Mar, Convento da Peninha, Palacio da Pena, Castelo de Sao Jorge, Alfama and Obits. They were also taken to a host of great restaurants where they sampled the very best of Portuguese food and drink. However, they both drew the line at taking a shot of brandy in their morning coffee… maybe next time boys.

3.    A long lasting friendship

Despite coming from opposite corners of the globe, and an age gap of some 10 years, Harry and Jaime got on like a house on fire. Not only did they score sick waves and delicious food but also the week was filled with fun, laughter and silly banter. Neither of them had a buddy available to go on a trip with so they contacted us and we matched them up for a week of waves. These two are already planning their next bodyboard holidays adventure away together.

4.    Improving their bodyboarding

It’s amazing that in just one week and with a little video analysis and helpful hints just how much one can improve their bodyboarding. Both Harry and Jaime enhanced their bodyboarding in several areas. We worked on perfecting positioning, form, barrel rolls and 360 spins. Mave was proud to see them leave Portugal as better bodyboarders.

So, if you and a buddy or partner wish to sky rocket your bodyboarding performance, be guided to the best spots around, live like a local and get a real feel for Portugal’s bohemia lifestyle and culture, then the two person bodyboard holiday a.k.a. ‘Partners in Crime’ is definitely the trip for you! Alternatively, if you are travelling alone, we can team you up with another keen booger. We can fix this up for you, just drop us a line. For more information, check out the website.