Portugal Bodyboard-Holiday September 2016

Well that was another awesome bodyboard camp in Portugal.

A very fortunate run of incredible weather coupled with a solid run of swell made for a brilliant trip. 

Thank you Portugal for some awesome autumn September sessions. 

Check out the statistics that made up an amazing trip.


Most sessions in one day = 3

Average length of each session = 2.5 hours

Number of Bodyboarding sessions in 7 days = 15

Number of Bar B Q’s = 1

Number of Birthday celebrations = 1

Games of Beer Pong = 1

Total number of courses cooked by our chef for us = 25 (on our last night our dinner had 5 courses!)

Number of photo / video analysis and review sessions = 5

Number of Water photography sessions = 3

Number of land photography/videography sessions = 15

Number of ‘Tosta Mista’s’ eaten (on average across the week) = 4 each

Number of galao coffee’s drunk (on average across the week) = 8 each

The amount of beach coaching sessions held = 6

Number of fins snapped = 1

Number of boards creased = 1

Number of bodyboard shops visited = 2

Number of Super Bock beers drunk in our bar = 40 (approximately – not many considering there were 13 people on the trip and three staff!)

Number of different breaks surfed = 4

Days of swell above two foot = 7

Days of solid sun from dawn till dusk  = 6.5

If you would like to join our next trip to Portugal, click here


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