Portugal Bodyboard Coaching Holiday

First Light Coffee

Whether it’s a café (espresso) or a Galão (latte) that takes your preference at first light, we walk down into the village and check the waves and enjoy a coffee. The benefit of having a surf break just 500 metres from the accommodation means that you can have an eyeball surf check just 5 minutes after waking up. The village that we stay in has a tiny local bakery that serves fresh pain au chocolate and other delicious pastries to give you that morning sugar rush.

Surf Check

We position ourselves near to the wave park of Ericeira. There is a huge range of waves for all abilities. To the south is Carcavelos where we can head for shelter when the swell gets big or the wind shifts direction. During our May trip we surfed Costa Da Caparica, Carcavelos, Praia Grande, Santa Cruz and Peniche. We travel to the best waves each day using our experienced local guide who ensures we are at the right spot each time.

Portugal Bodyboarding Sessions

The aim of every day is to get on the best waves, have fun and push your riding. The beach coaching, line up analysis, move instruction and water work will see you improve fast. We collect photography and videography of you to help improve and create some fantastic memories.

Portugal Culture Vulture

The area of Sintra, Lisboa and surrounding regions are steeped in history, from the incredible architecture of the Pena Palace to the rolling green hills of the Sintra mountain range. The iconic Pena Palace is a day trip not to be missed and listed as one of the 7 wonders of Portugal as well as a world heritage site.

Bodyboarding Portugal has Variety!

On our May trip we were surfing two or three times a day. It’s time to take your wave quota and push it through the roof. The water and land temperature is very pleasant meaning that it isn’t too hot or too cold to surf multiple times.

To end the day reflecting on the waves that you’ve caught and the sessions you’ve had always leaves you with a smile on your face. Especially when you’re overlooking a crazy vibrant sunset and tomorrow’s forecast is looking great. (AGAIN!)

If you are interested in joining us on a trip of a lifetime, check out the information on all our international bodyboard holidays here. We run three trips to Portugal each year in May, September and October, why not book today?


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