Nicaragua Bodyboarding Holiday – The Anticipation of a new swell


By Rob Barber

Images By Callum Morse Saltshots

With an incredible swell due to arrive in Nicaragua for this years Bodyboard-Holidays clients, Rob Barber looks at the best way to prepare. 

1. Bodyboarding Swell Report: Check the Chart


One of the best things about Nicaragua is the visibility of the oncoming swells. There is little doubt what is happening out there in the Pacific and the forecasting sites are pretty accurate about 80% of the time. When the charts light up with a swell like the one below it is time to thank which ever lord you prey too that you are about to get barreled off your nut. 

2. Prepare your kit


Which board are you going to ride? If you’ve got a choice then think hard about which stick will help you to get the most out of the type of waves that you’ll be riding. Have the board ready, make sure that it is crease free, waxed up with a solid leash. I’m going to ride my Core Barber PP bat tail board as the swell builds.  This will give me plenty of maneuverability and float until the waves get bigger. Then I will change to my Core Barber crecent tail PP when the waves peak. This will increase the hold that I have and make tube riding easier. Both boards have a surlyn skin, single stringer and no mesh. This is the perfect flex and recoil for tropical waters. 

3. Have a photographer/videographer organised


The one thing that makes an epic session better is being able to re-live it afterwards. This is an essential tool for improving your riding. We film or photograph every Bodyboard-Holidays session. We are fortunate to have the UK’s top bodyboarding photographer Callum Morse on our team, shooting the gold from the water and land. 

4. Choose your Bodyboarding Waves


Have a plan in place to be in the right spot for optimum tide and low crowds. Be flexible in case the conditions change. Have your vehicle full of fuel and know where you are parking etc. Being dialed in to the conditions is something that you can only really gain through experience. Unless your travelling with us guys Bodyboard-holidays  who guarantee to have you in the best place for the best waves each day.


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