Morocco Bodyboarding – A must do!

Bodyboard-Holidays Chris Burton reflects on his first week in Secret Morocco. After spending 7 glorious days on Bodyboard-Holidays most recent Secret Morocco trip I thought that I’d put together a daily vlog. I want to outline just some of the reasons that make this trip so special and an absolute must for your bucket list of bodyboarding travel destinations. Reason #1 A Great Journey My first reason would be the ‘ease of travel’. Agadir airport in Morocco has great links to all major terminals across the world. The flight times from the UK are less than 4hrs and with a short and enjoyable transfer ride to our accommodation your days travelling will be relatively short and completely painless. Nothing worse than spending your first day on holiday feeling wiped out from a long and tiresome days travel. The fact that travelling from the UK door to door to our Moroccanaccommodation was so easy really was a great start to our trip for me. But if you’re travelling longhaul we will make sure that the logistics run smoothly for you! Reason #2 The Pumping Waves….  We have selected this particular region of Morocco to visit as it provides very consistent medium to large size waves perfect for riders looking to progress in bigger surf. There are a large variety of waves, from punchy beach breaks to long pointbreaks with rippable walls. With very few other surfers in the lineup this guarantees not only a sky high wave count but also an extremely friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the water. Reason #3 Awesome Accommodation My third reason would be the great accommodation.  You can expect spacious bedrooms, huge lounges, comfortable living areas, a swimming pool for a relaxing dip, western toilets and all the creature comforts of home. This, combined with the magic food from our private chef – 3 meals a day prepared by our own personal chef makes everything about your stay feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Reason #4 A Unique Culture Now this is my personal favourite and the fourth reason that makes the Secret Morocco trip so desirable. The extremely different and exciting culture when visiting Morocco is indescribable. Rich with colour, sounds, views and history you will be engrossed by the way these people live. An absolute highlight and reason for our Secret Morocco trip not to be missed. Reason #5 Apres Surf  Often when on a surf trip I hear people complain that there is little else to do but surf. That couldn’t be further from the truth in this case and my fifth reason and unique selling point about this trip are the other things to do. If you do find yourself being bored of scoring epic waves or just fancy a down day you will be kept very well amused. Twice a week there is a traditional Moroccan market to visit and peruse the stalls of shiny trinkets and locally produced handcrafts. Or why not enjoy a Hammam (steam room) to relax those tired legs from all the bodyboarding? Why not take an Ice cold beer in the local bar? Very unique as Morocco is generally a ‘dry country’. There is also an old Berber fort built into the surrounding hills which makes a great location to soak up some history or watch the sunset. Reason #6 Take your riding up a level My last but by no means least reason to go on a Secret Morocco trip is the fantastic ‘opportunity to improve’ this trip really is the place to take your riding to the next level. The long walls at the point breaks give you huge opportunity to practice the techniques that will be shared with you. The empty line-ups mean that you will have plenty of opportunity to repeat tricks that you are learning multiple times in one session. This combined with our detailed video analysis and coaching each day and the consistency in wave size means that you can really focus on improvements. I witnessed first hand the massive improvements made by everyone in the group and it really was a joy to see. The buzz when a crew are taking their session up a level is awesome. All in all I would say for a semi experienced and water fit bodyboarder looking for a great trip rich in Culture and consistently good surf, Secret Morocco would be the perfect choice. Book your Secret Morocco Bodyboard Holiday today!

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