Rob Barbers Bodyboard Coaching Trip November 2011


Last week 19 bodyboarders all went on Rob Barber’s bodyboard coaching trip to Morocco, all stoked off the trip here is what they had to say about it:

” Good waves all week; great tips and a fantastic location: recommended” – Simon Allen

“Awesome trip, awesome waves, awesome tuition! I should be on another trip soon! Thanks guys!” – Greg Stanfield

” Has an awesome time being a beginner. Fantastic company, great coaching and overall very relaxing yet tiring!! Great weather to add to it!! Cheers!” – James Ward aka Wardo, 25, Oldham Manchester.

” Great bodyboarding tips from Rob and Brendan and the knowledge of the waves,swell,surf spots, tides etc was spot on! Was just really nice to ride with other bodyboarders and good to see people improve and great to watch Rob and Brendan on the waves!” – Luke Cobley,30, Long Ashton

“I had a fantastic time and my riding improved loads. Well worth the money and I would definitely do it again! Cheers guys!” – Chris Roscoe, 25, Manchester

“ROB BARBER ROCKS. He is what my dreams are made of, one day I would like to be just like him. I never want to leave it’s been the best week of my life. The highlight was a 3 second barrel but the food and accommodation and coaching has all been amazing! I’d love to live on tour! Thanks!” – Sam Bishop, 19 , Shrewsbury (Winner of bodyboard-depot sticker comp)

” Have had a fantastic trip to Morocco. The location and coaching was amazing. Learnt more in one week than I have in years. Good weather,great waves and fit men!!! Very happy!!! ” – Melissa Jenkins, 39, Cardiff

“I am really, really, really , really happy! I got a photo with Rob Barber. I can’t do a spin but I had an awesome time! Great Coaching, all in all an awesome trip!” – Ashley Hughes

“Apsulutely fantastic! Great bunch of lads (and ladies) made it an even better week. Great memories (and scars) to take home with me. Certainly learnt a lot of new tips to make me a semi-decent boarder now! Cheers!” – Anton Trice, 26 , London

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