Ireland Bodyboarding – Why this multinational crew loved it so much.


Matt & Steve enjoying some Irish tube time

After a perfect week of Irish pits we caught up with a couple of the guys that attended our week long coaching course. 

Steve Barnes (37) from Ladera Ranch, California (South Orange County) USA and Matt Green (37) St. Ives (Cornwall) UK. Sat down and answered a few questions from us. 

Was this your first trip to Ireland what did you think?

Steve: This was my first trip to Ireland, and I enjoyed every aspect of it.  The people, food, culture, and amazing coastline were all very impressive.  It’s really a very special place that I plan on visiting again soon.  

Why did you choose to come on the Bodyboard-holidays trip?

Matt: I chose to go with them as I have been on other trips with Bodyboard holidays before to Morocco and Wales and always benefitted from their coaching and expertise. I knew that they would have the inside knowledge on the best breaks to surf for the conditions.

Steve: I chose Bodyboarding Holidays due to their reputation online with previous customers.  People seemed to be having a great experience travelling with them and I really liked the idea of having a guided trip where all of the guesswork was taken out of where & when to catch good waves. 

What was the highlight of the trip for you?

Matt: For me it was the crew that went to Ireland as everyone was really friendly, not just from all over UK but some from South Africa, New Zealand, U.S. and Chile. I am still in contact with them and looking forward to seeing them on a trip again in the future and hopefully in Ireland again next year! Everyone supported each other and pushed each other on and I witnessed some really steep learning curves, basically we all learnt how to get barreled. Tullan and the Peak at Bundoran is a great wave for all abilities to learn on. 

Steve: If I had to pick just one moment from a trip that was packed with incredible moments it would have to be the second to last wave I caught in our last session at Tullan Strand.  What made this wave so cool for me was that I was able to put into practice everything I had learned on my trip so far.  I saw the wave start to build right underneath the guys who were a little further out than I was and I knew it was mine all to myself. I turned around and started kicking and could feel the wave building behind me and before I knew it I was right in the pit of a big hollow left, probably big enough to fit a mini cooper in. I could hear my instructor Callum in my head telling me to pick my line and stay in the top third of the wave where the power is, as the wave broke behind me it felt like what I’d imagine it would feel like to be inside a bass drum.  I was flying down the line and my new friend Matt from Wales was in a perfect position on the inside and he was laughing and yelling, “Yeah, go Steve!!”, I was laughing and yelling back at him like a crazed lunatic. In that moment I felt like I had made the transition from a novice bodyboarder to the next level. Needless to say, I still had a smile on my face for days after that ride and it still makes me smile to think about it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget about that wave. 

Did you find the video feedback useful?

Matt: The Video feedback was really useful and on playback it showed us where we made some basic errors and with Callum’s tuition he soon put us straight and we improved our technique, allowing us to complete manoeuvres like cutbacks and 360s. I needed help with my positioning where to sit on the wave and how to ride the barrel. I ended up getting some great pictures so well worth the money and a great memento from the trip. One more thing the food in the Bridge Bar is fantastic and if you are lucky like we were, October can still be sunny and as warm as the UK. Big thanks to our guide Gaz and to Callum for his patience and advice.  

If you’d like to join us in Ireland, take a look here