Ireland Bodyboarding – Why it’s so, so good!


We love to hit the perfect waves of Ireland ever autumn and are stoked to work with top surf guide Gareth Lewthwaite.

Gaz guided our group to another week of perfect waves last year (as you can see by the shots!). We caught up with him to find out what is so special about bodyboarding in Ireland.

What makes Ireland so sick for bodyboarding in Autumn?
Autumn is the best time of year here with plenty of low pressure systems and light winds bringing quality surf and the water temp is at its warmest. It’s cool but not cold. You can wear a 4/3 comfortably without the need for socks.

What can you expect from the weather and waves?10375995_968018996545484_1168043412745158125_n
There’s a huge variety of all types of waves, from the sandy wedges of Tullan Strand to world class reef breaks like The Peak and Pmpa. So definitely something to suit everyone, no matter what his or her skill level. There are literally zillions of different waves to choose from all within a short drive. The weather is still pretty mild too with long days so you can surf both stages of the tide during the day.

There seems to be a solid bodyboard scene, do you see many bodyboarders in the line-ups?
There’s more and more slowly starting to appear, there are usually a small crew in the line-up at the skate park slabs. Strand Hill has got a solid crew of bodyboarders with more and more popping up. Shane Meehan, Martin TK Kelly and Shambles being are as good as anyone, and continue to push the boundaries out Mullaghmore. Shane even represented Ireland at the Pipe event this year.

What was it like growing up as a bodyboarder in Ireland?
It was sick as a grommet in Bundoran, there was a solid crew of bodyboarders back then. Always a bodyboarder in the lineup and the likes of Paddy McGloin pushing the younger crew on, especially in the shallow slabs such as 3D where he absolutely rips. The norm was surfing world-class breaks by ourselves or trekking through farmers’ fields to find a few hidden gems.

What’s your favourite thing about bodyboarding in Ireland?11052429_1089614674385915_4129699196341043809_o
It would have to be the vast choice of world-class waves. There’s nearly always somewhere working with the different tides and winds if you know where to look. I’ve been to Indo several times and the waves at home are every bit as good but with far less people. The vibe in the water is pretty mellow too.
After surf has to be pints of Guinness, which are easily the best in the world, with Nan and Pat in Brennan’s Bar chatting about the epic session we just had. A surf trip to Ireland isn’t complete without pints of Guinness in Brennan’s.

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