Indo Bodyboard Coaching Trip April 2012!


Tour: Indonesia.

Duration: Two weeks. (please let us know if you would like to stay for shorter or longer – this is an option!)

• April 23 – May 6
Cost: £749

Ability: All abilities welcome, from new bodyboarders to shredder.

Our Aim:
This will be the fourth coaching trip that we have held in Indonesia and we can not wait to get back there. With guaranteed waves, an incredible variety of set ups, local knowledge to guide us in the right direction each day and a fresh itinerary for 2012 this is shaping up to be the best on yet.

Why Indonesia?
The country of Indonesia is located between Australia and South East Asia and consists of more than 13,000 islands. Indonesia is a paradise in every sense of the word. World class waves, bath-warm water, tropical climate, rich history and environment, unique biodiversity, varying cultures, ethnicity’s and peoples, cheap living, great food and a staggering swell consistency. The problem isn’t whether you should go to Indonesia, it’s for how long.


Indonesia is revered as the home of the perfect warm-water barrel. A distant swell-pumping machine, Antarctic storms generate almost non-stop corduroy lines out of the south Indian Ocean from April to October, quietly travelling for thousands of miles before striking the pristine beaches of Bali and Nusa Lembongan. Holding some of the finest waves ever surfed, these islands have naturally become popular destinations for travelling bodyboarders, but with a little adventurous spirit and local knowledge, uncrowded perfection is still very attainable.

This year our two week trip will take in three separate locations. Two different areas in Bali and then over to the beautiful neighbouring island of Nusa Lembongan.

Destination 1: Canguu.
The most exclusive area of Bali is Seminyak to the north of Kuta. As well as being the home to the most fantastic restaurants, shopping and accommodation it is just down the road to Bali’s most amazing beachbreak; Canguu.

We’re timing our visit to get the best tides for the uncrowded morning and evening sessions. There is something for everyone at this place; a wedgey fun sand bar, a fast right hand wally peak in the middle of the beach and for those that fancy a something more racey, a mellow left hand reef break at the south end of the beach. On the beach are a selection of cool beach bars and cafe’s. We’ll be staying just up the road so that we’ll be on every swell. Anybody that is familiar with the best bodyboarding video’s will have seen the fun bowly waves of Canguu many times before.

Destination 2: Nusa Lembongan
The island of Nusa Lembongan is 20km off the East coast of Bali, just one hours cruise on a traditional Balinese outrigger. This small island with a population of less than 4000 people boasts stunning uncrowded waves and crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkelling, jet skiing, fishing and of course incredible for bodyboarding. It’s a dream location with three fantastic waves which range from the fun, cruisy, deep water peaks of Playgrounds, the the more challenging peaks of Lasso’s and Ship wrecks. We get boats from the shore to the waves each day, just to add to the adenture (and to save all your paddle power for wave riding). The infinity pool in front of the accom is where we spend the sunsets relaxing with a beer, it really is heavenly.

Destination 3: The Bukit Peninsular
Bali is known as the island of the gods for good reason. The Bukit Peninsular is blessed with perfect reef and beach set-ups. There is always a wave that is groomed by the offshore breeze and if you know where to look there are some stunning, empty spots to suit all ability levels. Our daily itinerary is flexible to enable us to make the most of the varying swell and wind forecasts. It is likely we will surf most in the morning and evening when the wind is lightest and the sun is less strong. You will be minutes from Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles, Bingin and Dreamland so will see the best, most perfect waves in the world.

We stay in three separate locations during the trip. All of a similar standard, clean rooms that are a mix of twins, triple’s and dorm’s. The rooms are cleaned daily and have either air conditioning or fans. Please let us know if you would like us to supply you with sample imagery of the accommodation.

With two experienced, qualified, bodyboard coaches on hand we can keep the daily itinerary fairly simple, we will be bodyboarding when the waves are at their best to suit the group member abilities. Nobody will be pushed beyond their comfort zone and nobody will be held back if they want to progress to bigger or more challenging waves (down to our discretion). Most days will begin with a surf, then breakfast, then another surf, then chill out for the afternoon, then the option to surf again. There are lots of other activities when you are not bodyboarding. You can relax on one of the beautiful uncrowded local beaches, swing in a hammock in our Balinese gardens, chill out with your companions over a Bintang beer, or explore more of the island with a visit to the local temple, a fishing trip, shopping expedition, white water rafting or an outing to Ubud, Kintemani, or Tanalot.

Trip Includes:
• Airport meeting and departures (Denpasar, Bali) .
• 14 nights accommodation.
• Daily bodyboard tuition and guiding tailored to your ability
• Video analysis of your bodyboarding.
• Island hopping to Nusa Lembongan

Price and Booking
£750 per person. Early booking offers are available!

Useful Information

CurrencyIt is difficult to obtain Indonesian Rupiah outside the country. We recommend taking a debit or credit card and using
cash points. Our accommodations have safety boxes for passports and cash. If you budgeted £4 per meal you would have plenty of money. The shopping is excellent in Kuta and Seminyak so for buying souvenirs etc you will need to budget extra.

You can exchange sterling cash or traveller’s cheques with Balinese money-changers, but this is way less convenient than taking cards. We recommend taking at least 2 bank cards in case one becomes lost or damaged.

It is essential that your passport has over 6 months left until it expires (from the date you return to the UK), preferably much longer, or you will be denied entry to Indonesia. A tourist visa must be purchased on entry to the country for $25. This is valid for 30 days from entry. When entering the country you will be given an entry and exit card. Fill it in and keep it safely tucked in your passport.

If you plan to hire a car or motorcycle (if you are staying on longer or arriving early) you will need an international driving license, which can be obtained from the AA.

It is a good idea to carry photocopies of your important documents (packed separately) and note that it is also easier to carry photocopies of relevant pages from heavy guidebooks etc. We also suggest that you scan copies of your important documents and email them to yourself.

Our brainstorm of packing essentials to get you started.
• A couple of well fitting board shorts/bikini/swimming costume
• Rash vests (long and/OR short sleeved)
• A bodyboard (or 2) with at least one stringer or a polypropylene core, (write fragile and top load on bag)
• At least one pair of well fitting flippers that can be worn with a neoprene sock if required.
• Flipper savers and at least one leash for your board.
• Shortie wetsuit (optional but protects from sun and rub)
• Beach towel
• Warm water wax
• Debit and credit debit card / Travellers cheques
• Travel itinerary
• Flight tickets
• Any medication required
• Our contact numbers
• Travel insurance documents — (Newquay Insurance offer good deals, 0845 8399325 )
• Sun Cream (high factor or block)
• Toiletries (inc. Vaseline for wetsuit/board/boardies rub) and talcum powder. Compeed Pad’s are great for fin rubs, you can find them in your local chemist.
• Place liquids in a separate sealed carrier in case of leakage.
• Blue tac/ear plugs if required.
• Bottle to carry water
• Sun hat
• Flip flops

Medical Conditions
Please inform us of any medical complaints/conditions prior to the trip. We will carry a first aid kit during coaching sessions, but we advise that you also bring your own containing: scissors, bandages, plasters, antiseptic, sting cream, burn cream, steri-strips, Betadine, pain killers, rehydration sachets.

There is no Malaria on Bali or Nusa Lembongan but plenty of mosquitos at dusk. Use Mosquito coils in your room and
the local repellant.

The radical change in temperature and diet affects people differently. Maintain a good water intake and a healthy diet. Carry immodium or similar in your medical kit alongside your rehydration sachets.
Travel Insurance

It is essential that you take out a comprehensive personal travel insurance policy. Please check with your insurer that you are covered to surf/Bodyboard each day.

Health, Safety and Inoculations
As you travel at your own risk it is your responsibility to be up to date on Foreign Office advisories concerning travel to the region. You can check these here:

online medical advice for travellers can be found here: indonesia1?ta=health&pg=5

If there are any questions we have not answered just drop us a line.

Travelling entertainment — /iPod, Kindle, books, copy of ThreeSixty (!) etc.
Travel bag, locks and luggage labels.
Swiss Army knife — Ensure all sharp objects are put in your main luggage bag that is to be placed in the hull.
Alarm clock.
Camera, film/memory card and journal.
Mobile phone: change answer phone message on your mobile to say that you’re away so text message if possible. Also ring up your service provider and make sure that your phone will work abroad (if you require it).
Pack a couple of bin bags. Often not available in foreign countries, they’re handy for transporting wet gear around or protecting your dry kit from the rain.

The next thing to do is choose the week/s that you want to spend with us, then:
• Arrange your booking by calling or emailing us (to check availability),
• Check out Flight prices (booking early means cheaper flights!)
• Read our terms and conditions of booking:
• Pay your deposit or the whole amount in order to reserve your place. Unfortunately with out a deposit we can not reserve you a spot on the trip.

If you would like to book up onto this trip, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01637 877722!


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