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Improve Your Drop Knee

Most bodyboarders will agree that our journey through the sport is something that is always evolving. No two waves are ever the same and even the very best riders in the world are constantly learning, tweaking and improving their skills. It’s always good to break down your riding, critique yourself and even that of your peers. It is this quickest way to learn.

In our latest instructional video two of our very own coaches Chris Burton and Matt Davies break down their waves at a recent staff training session at The Wave in Bristol. The hoped outcome of this exercise was that all involved came out a better rider and that it presented some pointers that can help everyone looking to improve their Drop Knee riding.

Chris wanted some advice to tweak his barrel riding and cutbacks on the knee. One of the main points observed was how the positioning of Chris’ inside leg over the board was effecting his entry into both manoeuvres. Upon further inspection we revealed that this was influenced by his upper body positioning and that by adjusting it his weight distribution would improve along with his posture and ultimately his riding. It goes to show how useful our video analysis sessions are for riders of all ability levels.

We’re heading back to The Wave in Bristol for more man-made fun this October. Drop us a line if you would like to come along and up your bodyboarding game.

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