How To Do The Perfect 360 Spin On A Bodyboard

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Are you looking to perfect or perform your first 360° spin?

The threesixty is a fundamental part of bodyboarding and for many the first manoeuvre they will learn. Although a basic manoeuvre it can also be more difficult and advanced when performed in a critical section of a wave. They can also be essential to combination riding when stringing together various manoeuvres across a single wave.

We have broken down the steps to performing your first 360° spin as well as how to refine your spins if they are already part of your repertoire.

  1. Speed – Like all manoeuvres, speed plays a critical role in being able to complete a threesxity. In this instance control of speed is more important than travelling fast. To much speed can make the move more difficult and potentially send you off the back of the wave. Not enough speed can make your spinner look lame.
  1. Release the rail – Once you are travelling across the wave having gained speed, the first thing to do is release your rail. This is done by disengaging your inside rail and flattening the board.
  2. Direction – Now you have released your rail you need to start going in the direction of the spin. To achieve this you need to put your weight onto the inside rail, throw your head over your shoulder into the direction you wish to travel. At this point the rotation will start and the spin will begin.
  1. Cross your legs – As the rotation starts you need to lift and cross your legs up behind you whilst arching your back. This will centralise your weight to the middle of the board and like a spinning top create a centre point to your spin. It is also important to cross your legs from a style point of view. The tighter those legs are crossed and the closer to your butt the more stylish the spin will be.
  1. Look through the spin – As mentioned above, it is important to point your head in the direction you wish to travel. Your head is the heaviest part of your body and wherever you point it your body will naturally follow. By looking over your shoulder you will spin faster and with more control.
  1. Drop your legs – As you come around to the 360° point of your spin you need to return to travelling in the direction you was already going. By simply dropping your legs you will stop the spinning process and return to the trim position to carry on riding the wave.
  2. Re-entry / Bottom turn – Depending on what kind of section you have performed your spin on determines how you will ride it out. If on a steep section you will need to put your weight back to the rear of your board to prevent a nose dive. On a flatter section you may need to bottom turn and lunge forward to regain momentum.


Once you have nailed your spins you will be able to refine them on various sections of the wave. By using them to link other manoeuvres and sections of a wave, you will now be in a position to enter competitions and even impress onlookers with your skills.

If you are looking to begin on your bodyboarding journey or to improve your skills why not join one of our Bodyboard Coaching Weekends. They are the perfect way to learn skills fast in a fun and friendly environment.

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