How To Do A Reverse Threesixty On A Bodyboard

3 Top Tips To Do A Reverse Threesixty

  1. Choose a high line across the wave to gain speed then condense it into power on your reverse spin pivot point! Learn on a wave that isn’t too steep.
  2. Not too high… not too low. Aim to practice the move midway up the wave’s face.
  3. Spin to win! Because you don’t need a perfect wave for this move, you can practice again and again until you’ve nailed it!

The reverse spin is a move that can be carried out more or less anywhere on the wave. It can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be depending on the section you choose to perform it. As long as you keep your legs crossed and look in the direction of the manoeuvre, it should look stylish no matter where it is attempted.

A slick reverse will always begin with a good bottom turn. However, unlike many other manoeuvres that benefit from a drawn-out bottom turn, the reverse spin needs a shorter and more compact version. This allows for a pivot point to begin the spin that isn’t too high on the wave face so offers enough time for you to complete the reverse spin and continue trimming. Take note that this technique is for beginners and as you get better and your spins become tight, powerful and fast, you can look at performing reverse spins on different sections of the wave.

The shoulder of the wave is an ideal place to practice this manoeuvre. The spinning motion is initiated by simultaneously lifting your hips and legs from the water, whilst throwing your head in the direction of the turn. So, you’ve drawn your bottom turn, and you now need to shift your body weight forward on your board and onto the outside rail. Your head should be over the nose of your bodyboard and looking out over your outside shoulder. Lift both legs from the water and cross them, pulling them towards your backside as tightly as possible.

Once you’re spinning, you will need to keep your legs out of the waves face and crossed behind you. Not only will the reverse spin look a lot better, but also you eliminate the chance of a stray leg causing any drag and stopping you from completing the manoeuvre. The tighter your legs are crossed, the faster you will spin.

Once you have completed the full reverse 360 rotation, release your legs back into the face of the wave and resume your normal trim position!

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