Fighting climate change with Mossy Earth

Mossy Earth

Despite the misguided ramblings of one overweight orange politician, climate change is real, and unless we get a wiggle on, our planet’s surface temperature is set to increase by 2°C. – A rise of 2°C is considered the most the Earth could tolerate without risking catastrophic changes to food production, sea levels, fishing, wildlife & deserts.

So we at Bodyboard Holidays have decided to do our bit and lessen our own carbon footprint in collaboration with Mossy Earth. We are also excited to offer our clients the same opportunity to offset their flights and/or car miles when travelling to a bodyboard holiday or coaching weekend respectively.

Who are Mossy Earth and what do they do? is a social enterprise whose main aim is, by planting trees, to deliver real environmental change and make a positive impact on the state of the planet’s wildernesses and forests.

They plant trees on two fronts. Carbon Offsetting to fight climate change and Rewilding to enrich ecologically and socio-economically impoverished areas of land to create wilderness that flourish and thrive. Their trees are planted in three successful rewilding reserves / projects in the centre and north of Portugal. The trees play a vital role in supporting and attracting flora and fauna native to the area, as well as sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere.

How would it work at Bodyboard Holidays?

At the end of each bodyboard holiday or coaching weekend we will offset our own flight(s) or car miles, and invite our clients to voluntarily follow suit if they wish. How? It’s simple, just head on over to Mossy Earth’s Offset Your Flight or The Sustainable Road Trip pages and simply tap in the number of hours you’ve flown or KMs driven, and they’ll calculate the rest. All contributions go toward planting trees to offset your travel, in a breath-taking rewilding project. You’ll also receive regular updates on the progress of your tree(s), quality HD photos of it in the different seasons, GPS coordinates should you wish to visit your tree(s), and a newsletter keeping you up to date on Mossy Earth’s projects.

For more information on what Mossy Earth is doing, check out their blogs on how one can further reduce their Carbon footprint or the concept of rewilding.

Here’s to more trees, cleaner seas and less carbon in the atmosphere!

Mossy Earth

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