El Salvador with the pro’s… the ingredients to a mind-bendingly amazing trip


By Rob Barber

Our latest video showcases the highlights of our recent trip to El Salvador with pro bodyboarders Jay and Vicki Reale.

Jay Reale and Vicki Reale in El Salvador

These guys aren’t just legends of the sport, they have lived, breathed, proned and drop knee’d everything to do with Bodyboarding over the last 30 years. Whether it is tales of surfing the first Pipe events in Hawaii, joining the world tour, to challenging the world’s best riders in the most exotic locations, launching bodyboarding brands, running the worlds biggest bodyboarding store or insider gossip about the worlds best pro’s. These guys have stories about it. Get them in the water and appreciate their silky skills, honed from years of professional competition. These two have to be a pair of the most likeable riders in the world  and you won’t just get to surf with them, you’ll hang with them, eat with them and soon become personal friends with them.

El Salvador Bodyboarding Waves

If you like a wedgey left then look no further than 80 metres in front of our camp. If you prefer a slabby right-hander, look 150 metres to the right of the camp. Do you want a long, running right hand point? Look 200 metres to the left of the camp. The consistency is staggering, the crowds are low, the variety is huge and the vibe is epic.

Enjoy the video, then don’t hesitate to book your place on our next El Salvador bodyboarding trip.

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