El Salvador 2019. What went down?


When you picture a perfect surf trip there are a few things that come to mind.

Killer waves, great accommodation, stunning food, good company, warm weather, uncrowded surf and friendly locals. The Bodyboard-Holidays trip to El Salvador had them all. Not only that though, they were blessed with the company of pro bodyboarders Jay and Vicky Reale, which meant a trip to remember.

Watch this series of video logs to find out some of the things the Bodyboard-Holidays crew get up to when on an unforgettable trip along the gorgeous coastline of El Salvador.

  • First we witness some top level free surfing from Rob Barber and Jay and Vicky Reale. All three of them show us all how it’s done on an A frame peak just in front of our accommodation.
  • It’s our first look at the early morning waves and they certainly do not disappoint.
  • Sometimes when you find an almost unsurfable mutant slab the only thing to do is to get your water housing out and get up close and personal in the pursuit of getting the perfect photo.
  • We heard about a long right hand point break a short drive away down the winding coast road so we bundle in to a pick up truck with ex pro’s Jay and Vicky Reale and go to check it out.
  • This time we head north and find a multi peak beach break with no one around for miles. If you looked up super fun beach break on wikipedia this place would be featured.
  • In an after surf chat with Jay Reale, Chris sits down and picks his brains about the best way to keep yourself in shape to ensure longevity in your bodyboarding life.
  • El Salvador has a strong presence of local young bodyboarders but bodyboarding kit is way out of their budget. Rob makes one local’s day when he hands him a brand new board. One stoked booger.

By the end of this trip everyone left well and truly enthralled and enchanted with this gorgeous country rich with Central American culture and brimming with perfect waves around every corner.

Alongside all the vital ingredients of the perfect bodyboard trip the presence of Jay and Vicky made this trip an unforgettable experience and the surf trip of a lifetime.

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