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Did you know that we support Mossy Earth?

Mossy Earth is more than just tree planting… It is about restoring nature and fighting climate change. Co-Founded by Bodyboard-Holidays instructor Matt Davies, the Mossy Earth team conduct a range of projects to restore wild ecosystems, support wildlife and biodiversity and in turn help fight climate change.

Matt Davies Mossy Earth

Since 2017 we have been working with Mossy Earth and supporting their cause. Every month they plant 10 trees on our behalf and we help to support one or more of their rewilding projects. On top of this we plant a tree for every guest that comes on a trip with us! 

Mossy Earth’s projects span from planting native trees in places such as Scotland, Iceland and Romania, to restoring Kelp Forests off the coast of Portugal and Termite Mounds in West Africa. One of their most recent projects is the re-introduction of Red Kites to the Iberian Peninsular.

This project plans to re-enforce the number of Red Kites in Spain by reintroducing 90-100 from the UK over a 3-year period. Matt has been hands on for this project and helped with the releasing of the birds last month.

If you would like to help fight climate change and help with rewilding checkout Mossy Earth and all of their other great projects

Matt is the resort manager and trip leader for our Portugal, Costa Rica and El Salvador trips, join him for some epic waves in some of the worlds most beautiful bodyboarding locations.

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