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Ability: All abilities welcome from new bodyboarders to experienced shredders.

Drive with us down jungle tracks and sail alongside us round rocky outcrops, we’re on a mission to unearth the best waves Nicaragua and has on offer.


Our Aim

We’re exploring the north of one of the safest countries in the Americas that harbour fantastic waves.

The super-mellow surf vibe of Nicaragua Bodyboarding Holidays turn them into memorable trips of a lifetime. You get the chance to bodyboard as much or as little as you want while enjoying beautiful countryside and idyllic untouched beaches. In the north some breaks are so close you hardly need to paddle out. In fact, the sandy bottomed, super hollow beach breaks pull us back to this area year on year.

Our bodyboarding holidays are packed with top quality coaching for all abilities. So expect hollow bowling shore breaks for competent riders and gentle rolling beach breaks that are perfect for beginners. In a stunning setting you’ll get to score some serious tube time in fun hollow waves groomed by perfect offshore breezes. Our aim is to ride the best waves this beautiful part of the world has to offer whether we get there on foot, by boat or land cruiser.

Most bodyboarding will take place in the morning and in the evening. From late morning to early afternoon the wind occasionally stays offshore keeping the waves clean for continued shredding. More commonly it will turn onshore so waves are not always at a premium level for this period. Many people choose to chill out during this part of the day relaxing in a hammock with a book, chilling by the pool or taking part in a yoga class.


The Waves

Facing our camp just 100m away is a mellow beach break great for basic level bodyboarding, there are no dangerous rocks or crowds here – it’s mainly just us boogers! It’s a small yet fun and sandy wedge peak that hits the beach corner in the right conditions.

A short jungle path trek out of camp through the trees reveals a peaky fun beach break which forms the first part of a mile long beach with peaks so numerous you can choose your own – the best are towards the middle. To score some quality barrels an approximate twelve-minute walk is well worth it. Take your flip flops though – the sand is hot.

Just ten minutes from camp, a nearby island offers a running left hand point that serves up fun, rippable walls and the odd barrel. You can jump on a boat to catch the most primo waves while appreciating the awesome view of the coastline.

Sometimes we journey up or down the coast for a voyage of wave discovery up or down to try out super fun beach breaks, peaky shories, rockie outcrops and river mouths supplying perfectly wedging bodyboarding waves. Many of the waves we’ve named ourselves.

There are a number of spots from which to choose depending on swell direction and size. One thing is for sure though, warm water barrels are always the order of the day.



January is dry season in Nicaragua which bears a tropical climate, sea breezes on the coast preventing stifling heat. The most you’ll need to stave off the morning breeze is a thermal rash vest with board shorts or bikinis, flip flops are the norm at all times. The only time you’ll need a jumper is to combat the air conditioning on your flight over – get ready to pack your sunscreen!


The lodge we stay in is a terrific sanctuary of calm with ocean view hammocks, comfortable en-suite rooms, a yoga studio and a self-help bar for lively evenings. It’s housed within a hotel of colonial design that’s been transformed into a modern day bodyboarders retreat. It’s actually owned by a bodyboarder so we’re in good company. The camp is shaded by palm trees overlooking a beautiful beach so it’s very quiet and peaceful. The grounds are gated with security but there’s virtually no-one around.


Rob Barber’s team offer daily tuition tailored to your ability with coaches that are Surfing GB qualified and fully insured. Experienced lifeguards, some have twenty years of surfing experience and fifteen years of worldwide travel experience. Each instructor is personally trained by British Champ and Team Coach, Rob Barber. Intermediate and advanced level coaching is tailored towards the individual.

You’ll never be thrown straight into the deep end. We’ve got your back whatever your ability, and that’s a promise. Don’t stress if you’re used to smaller waves or you’re a total novice – there’s something for everyone. In fact you’ll be amazed how quickly you master paddling out to catch good quality waves.

Beginner coaching includes:

  • Oceanography class at the start of the week to understand breaks, rips and currents
  • Bodyboarding safety, beach awareness and how to catch waves
  • How to paddle out, gain speed, duck dive and wipe out safely
  • Learning moves such as cutbacks, barrel rolls and three-sixty spins
  • How to get the most from your equipment while having heaps of fun

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In order to book, follow these steps.
1. Fill in the form on the right hand side of this page
2. You will then be emailed an information pack and a Frequently Asked Questions sheet.
3. Read the information and follow the instructions to contact us to pay.
4. Remember we have limited numbers on each trip so please book early for the best price.
5. If you want to hear what other bodyboarders have thought of the holidays, read our Trip Advisor reviews here.
6. Once you have paid you will receive an online enrolment form, when you have completed and returned this you will be confirmed on the trip.

You need to make your own travel arrangements to Managua International Airport. We then arrange airport pick-ups at 12pm and 9pm each day. Please book your flight arrival time as near to one of these pick up times as possible.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are supplied by the surf camp. The food is excellent and includes vegetarian options with good-sized portions to fill hungry bodyboarders. Food and drink is supplied at $40 USD per day which you pay up front on arrival. Snacks are also available throughout the day if you get hungry and cereals are offered in the morning before dawn surfs, after which we return to a hearty breakfast mid-morning.

  • One week’s accommodation
  • Surf guiding to find the best waves to suit your ability
  • Video and photo analysis to advance your riding
  • Expert tuition tailored to your ability
  • Guaranteed Good times!

Bodyboarding equipment not included in the price. Please contact us if you would like to hire or buy equipment for the trip.

Price per person in a shared room (bodyboarder) £749
Price per couple who each bodyboard and require their own private room £1598
Price per couple (one of whom doesn’t bodyboard) £1498
Price per person if requiring private room £1249

* limited availability for couples, private rooms etc, please contact us for availability

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