North Wales Coaching Weekend | Surf Snowdonia

Ability: All abilities welcome from new bodyboarders to experienced shredders.

This is no ordinary coaching weekend this is 48 hours of unadulterated bodyboarding fun! On the Saturday we’ll be surfing all day at the very best of North Wales’ beach breaks, before getting our fill of mechanically perfect rides at Surf Snowdonia on the Sunday. With so much wave action, you’ll be driving home with an irremovable grin stretching from ear to ear.

Our Aim

North Wales is an often forgotten yet fascinating corner of the UK; it’s steeped in rich history, surrounded by breathtaking countryside and inhabited by a friendly people deeply passionate about their lands, language, poetry, rugby and of course bodyboarding!

What’s more, this Celtic corner of Britain is blessed with surf, where coastlines dotted with dramatic castles (Wales has more castles per sq. mile than anywhere else in the World) are as common as quality surf spots.  And when it gets good here, it gets really good!


We’ll meet at 9.30am at a predetermined beach offering the best conditions for the day, on the Lleyn Peninsula. This picturesque craggy finger of land protrudes out in to the St George’s Channel picking up the most swell in North Wales. By its very nature as a peninsula it also offers a limitless range of bodyboarding options in terms of wave type, wave size and favourable wind directions and tides. Added to this we’ll be accompanied by a local guide and keen bodyboarder who knows this peninsula like the back of his hand, so we are sure to score some sick waves! We’ll have two surf sessions both complimented by photo and video analysis to advance your riding.

Having surfed our socks off, we’ll make our way to the small village of Dolgarroc right in the heart of the awe-inspiring Snowdonia National park. Surrounded by dense woodland and mountainous terrain, Dolgarroc is home to the World’s first inland surf lagoon.  On arrival we’ll feast our way through a well-earned dinner at Surf Snowdonia. Following the big feed, Rob will give a presentation about the wave pool and the plan for the following day so that everyone can make the most out of their time on the artificial wave. The presentation will include a background of the technology involved in making this marvel, photos and video analysis of the wave in action, invaluable tips on how to successfully ride the wave and advice on where and how to pull particular manoeuvres. Here you’ll also be allotted your time slots for the following day’s riding.

In the rare case of mother nature not cooperating on the Saturday, as a plan B, we have a myriad of land and water based coaching activities such as duck-diving, cork-screwing, paddling techniques, surf etiquette and our brand new bodyboarding judging course. And that’s not all, we’ll also be bringing our Super SUP, a giant sized inflatable stand-up paddleboard that guarantees endless giggles, coastal exploration and the most unique wave riding experience.


With the excitement being too much to bear, it’s likely you’ll be up at the crack of dawn to the serene sound of the first wave of the day peeling its way down the 300metre lagoon. After breakfast on site, each booger will enjoy a 1-hour session equating to 12 unforgettable waves to hone their skills and strut their stuff in front of their on-looking buddies. The session will be photographed and videoed while Rob and his team give game changing tips from the water. We’ll watch back the footage over lunch so as to build on your first session’s progress and maximise your performance in your second session; this too will be 12 faultless waves over a 1-hour period.

Between sessions you’ll be able to watch your fellow bodyboarders from atop the fence and hoot them on as they rip the pit. Alternatively you may prefer to take in the action from the comfort of your glamping pod, situated right next to the wave pool. There is also a choice of three quality eateries if you’re feeling peckish, or the Surf Snowdonia shop if you’re in need of a little retail therapy.

By mid to late afternoon, once everyone has surfed twice, we’ll end the day with a video analysis session and a constructive de-brief on where to take your riding when you return to your home break.

The Waves

The Lleyn Peninsula, North Wales

Llyen Peninsula is a versatile and rewarding bodyboarding location; the long sandy swell magnet beach of Hell’s Mouth offers a range of fun beach break peaks and hollow reef options. On bigger swells the many sheltered spots on this peninsula, such as Porth Ceriad and Whistling Sands, really light up, offering quality wedges and long mellow waves respectively. What’s more, you get to surf to an incredibly beautiful backdrop and in an uncrowded line-up with a small crew of fiercely friendly locals.

Surf Snowdonia, Snowdonia National Park

Formerly an Aluminium factory, this 300metre wavegarden has given the quintessential Welsh village of Dolgarroc a whole new lease of life while eloquently blending into its majestic surroundings. This man made marvel creates 12 perfectly formed shoulder-high waves per hour that break faultlessly either side of the fence/viewing platform that divides the lagoon into two surfing areas (a right handed wave and a left handed wave). Each client will enjoy two 1-hour sessions, on either side of the fence, equating to 24 treasured waves by the end of the day.

Surf Snowdonia is fantastic fun and the ultimate way to practice your wave riding and/or perfect new manoeuvres because every wave is exactly the same. Bodyboarding here goes hand in hand with the expression ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again’. The mechanical nature of the wave enables you to focus on, and practice one particular aspect of your riding over and over again until you’ve cracked it.

For the same reason, if you’ve never bodyboarded before, Surf Snowdonia is also the perfect environment to start. The predictability of each wave will have you up and riding much quicker than if you were learning in the ocean with its ever-changing conditions. There are three wave types: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and best of all no crowd!


We won’t lie, this is North Wales not Nicaragua, and so unsettled weather can rear it’s ugly head at any time of the year. However, with a little good fortune, May can often be clear with moderate temperatures. Having said this, we’ll be getting so much water time that whether it’s wind, rain or shine we’ll be buzzing regardless.


How does waking up to the soothing sound of breaking waves and the Conwy’s valley natural soundtrack grab you? From our own experience, we recommend you stay in the onsite cosy glamping pods that are conveniently situated just a few metres from the water’s edge. Each pod sleeps two people and all benefit from under floor heating and electricity. You’ll not only be right in the heart of the action, but a cooked breakfast is also included if you reserve a pod.


Rob Barber and his coaching team offer tuition tailored to your ability with coaches that are Surfing GB qualified and fully insured. Experienced lifeguards, some having twenty years of surfing and ocean experience. Intermediate and advanced level coaching is tailored towards the individual with in depth photo and video analysis. As a beginner, you’ll never be thrown straight into the deep end. We’ve got your back whatever your ability, and that’s a promise. Don’t stress if you’re used to smaller waves or you’re a total novice – there’s something for everyone. In fact you’ll be amazed how quickly you master paddling out to catch good quality waves.
Beginner coaching includes:

  • Oceanography class at the start of the week to understand breaks, rips and currents
  • Bodyboarding safety, beach awareness and how to catch waves
  • How to paddle out, gain speed, duck dive and wipe out safely
  • Learning moves such as cutbacks, barrel rolls and three-sixty spins
  • How to get the most from your equipment while having heaps of fun

Having previously visited Surf Snowdonia, Rob and his team have invaluable first hand experience on how to ride the artificial wave and can offer game changing tips that will enable you to make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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In order to book, follow these steps.
1. Fill in the form on the right hand side of this page
2. You will then be emailed an information pack and a Frequently Asked Questions sheet.
3. Read the information and follow the instructions to contact us to pay.
4. Remember we have limited numbers on each trip so please book early for the best price.
5. If you want to hear what other bodyboarders have thought of the holidays, read our Trip Advisor reviews here.
6. Once you have paid you will receive an online enrolment form, when you have completed and returned this you will be confirmed on the trip.

Guests are to make their own way to North Wales. We meet on the Saturday at 9.30am at a predetermined beach that is offering the best conditions for the day. The coaching weekend will come to a close late afternoon on the Sunday.

One of the most recognisable songs sung at a Welsh rugby match features the raising refrain “feed me till I want no more”, and so it comes as no surprise thatWales has a wealth of must try traditional dishes. These include, Bangor mussels, ‘Welshman’s caviar’ an edible seaweed, Gorwydd Caerphilly cheese, Glamorgan cheese & leek veggie sausages, Bara Brith speckled bread and sweet fruit bread called Welsh cakes, to name just a few. 

Clients are expected to purchase their own food and drink throughout the weekend. On the Saturday we’ll lunch at a good local cafe on the advice of our local guide where we encourage you to try some of the tasty specialities mentioned above. A particular favourite post-surf snack on our last trip was a plate of sticky Welsh cakes washed down with a strong mug of Welsh Brew tea. 

On Saturday night we are organising a group meal that you can opt into, details will follow on the run up to the weekend. Sunday we’ll be based at Surf Snowdonia, and so you can opt to breakfast, lunch or snack in their Surf Side Cafe, Deli or Gourmet restaurant depending on what you fancy and how hungry you’re feeling. All serve a great range of quality and wholesome food & drink that is sourced locally. Those who take the glamping option receive a full English breakfast inclusive in the price.

Our host will supply the following:

  • 4 bodyboarding sessions (2 in the sea on Saturday and 2 at Surf Snowdonia on Sunday)
  • All sessions will be photographed and videoed for analysis, and are available to purchase after the trip.
  • Pre-course presentation about Surf Snowdonia and how to make the most of the wavegarden.
  • If the conditions are poor for bodyboarding on Saturday, we will offer a range of alternative water and land based coaching, a judging course and the unique opportunity to ride our inflatable Super SUP.
  • The group meal on Saturday evening isn’t included. It will be £10.
  • Not included in the price is accommodation at Surf Snowdonia. More info about this under ‘Accommodation Options’
  • Guaranteed good times!

Places book up fast so act quickly!

To find out more and to book your place get in touch. We’ll email you an enrolment form, an information pack, a kit list and FAQs.

Bodyboarding equipment not included in the price. Please contact us if you would like to hire or buy equipment for the trip.

We recommend that all of our clients stay in the onsite cosy glamping pods that are conveniently situated just a few metres from the water’s edge at Surf Snowdonia. Each pod sleeps two people (if you are booking on your own we can match you up with another bodyboarder to share with) and all benefit from under floor heating, electricity and Wifi. You’ll not only be right in the heart of the action, but there is also a complimentary cooked breakfast. Pods are £35 per person for two sharing. Individual Pods are available for £70. You reserve your pod through us when you book your weekend. But you pay for it in cash when we meet in Snowdonia.

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Surf Snowdonia & North Wales Weekend

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