A day in the life of a bodyboarder on a Cornwall Coaching Weekend

If we got a pound for every time we were asked “Are your bodyboard coaching weekends like a boot camp?” …well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be up until the small hours putting this blog post together.

So by giving an insight into a typical day on one of our coaching weekends, it can be left to you to decide whether it’s a military boot camp or as we like to think of it, a chilled out bodyboarding immersion getaway at the Ocean Lodge in Newquay, Cornwall.

A typical day

8.00am – Meet for breakfast in the hotel’s dining area. Over breakfast, Rob Barber who’d have already been out to check the waves, will tell you about the conditions, talk through the days plan of attack, and speak to you individually to set your day’s bodyboarding objectives and how best to achieve them. E.g. Learning to duck dive or executing your first barrel roll.

9.00am – Load up the vehicles and head to the best waves around for the day’s conditions

9.30am – Enjoy a 2-hour surf session that begins with a light warm up and on-land instruction, followed by plenty of bodyboarding and close quarter in water tuition. All of which is photographed and videoed.

12.00pm – Back to the hotel to watch back the day’s footage and photos, which is not only a great opportunity to further improve people’s riding but reviewing everyone’s waves on the big screen is a great bonding activity. What’s more, the hotel kindly serves us with tea and cake throughout the viewing. At this stage, we’ll also set you some riding objectives for the afternoon session.

1.00pm – Lunch and chill time. The hotel serves a great range of wholesome lunchtime dishes and can cater for all dietary requirements. There is plenty of comfortable hang out spots to relax in or enjoy a post lunch siesta.

3.00pm – After a stiff coffee (that flows freely all day at the hotel), it’s time for round two. Again, we’ll head to the bodyboarding best waves for the prevailing conditions and coach you in and out of the water.

6.00pm – Back to the hotel where you’re greeted with a delicious and well-deserved plate of nachos to pick at over some evening drinks while we wait for dinner to be served.

9.00pm – Most have crashed out by this stage, but for those energetic revellers, Newquay’s famous nightlife is just 5 minutes away …just make sure you’re back in time for the early Sunday surf.

So if this doesn’t sound too much like a boot camp, then come and join my team and me on one of our coaching weekends to give your bodyboarding a massive boost while enjoying the chilled out surf camp vibe. 

Within a group of like-minded wave riders you’ll improve your performance in a relaxed yet professional environment. Every bodyboarder is taught as an individual so you aren’t pushed along too quickly or held back by others. If you’ve never been before and want to learn to bodyboard in a safe environment or you’re a keen enthusiast wanting to master the sports hardest moves, this weekend is for you. My awesome team of highly qualified and experienced instructors will have you catching the best waves, displaying textbook technique and maximising your enjoyment in no time.

Our bodyboarding weekends include:

  • Two x 2 hour bodyboarding sessions on Saturday, one x long Sunday session at the best break in the area
  • 2 video and/or photography analysis sessions
  • Conditions permitting we will head out on “surfari” to discover the best of Cornwall’s breaks
  • Prizes from the event sponsor
  • Prizes for most improved
  • Take the option of our pro photo and video package in order to take the shots and footage home with you
  • Free tea, coffee and wifi at the Ocean lodge throughout the weekend
  • GUARANTEED improvements and good times
Our Bodyboard Weekends have been running for 15 years and we have many returning customers. Check out some of their testimonials here. Or if you’re already convinced, then call 01637 879571 and book your bodyboard coaching weekend today.