The Cornwall Bodyboard Camp – 4 Things That You Will Love



Pull together a gaggle of frothing bodyboarders, get a field full of luxury yurt tents, a swimming pool, a BBQ and a host of Cornish bodyboarding spots and you are guaranteed a good weekend.

That’s what makes up the Cornwall Bodyboard Camp and in June we hosted guests from Austria, Birmingham, London, Bristol and beyond.

Here are 4 things that happened that we guarantee any bodyboarder, of any experience level would enjoy…

1. Trimming with style


Alistair Peebles has been improving fast through the coaching holidays and weekends that he has attended. This weekend saw him really take his riding to the next level with a really smooth trim style. The improvements to his style saw him gaining enough speed to launch his first air move. Nice work fella.

2. Killer breakfast and video review


Sunday morning saw the crews catch up for a home cooked breakfast. Lead instructors Brendan Moore and Joe Woodhouse teamed up to create a morning feast for the troops. As we ate, we checked out the video footage from the day before and set some goals for the day.



3. Small Group Bodyboard Tuition


We used a selection of different breaks throughout the weekend to bring the best riding out of each individual. Newquay bay’s ‘Boffick’s’ peak in Newquay served up some clean walls for the guys to practice on. The group worked on some peer-to-peer coaching. Splitting in to two groups of 4 we held a few drills to focus on wave selection, style and technique. The group fed back to each other after each drill and the improvements came fast. It wasn’t a boot camp, just a fun way to improve quickly.

4. From Zero to Hero Bodyboarding


Some riders joined the weekend having never ridden a board before. We fast tracked their riding and the improvements came quickly. Fiona from Birmingham and Grace from Sheffield were soon catching unbroken waves and trimming. Pretty awesome to see the stoke on their faces; A testament to the value of close quarters tuition. We focus our sessions on minimizing the amount of paddling (by using a number of different techniques) and then maximizing the time spent riding waves.


We will be holding our next Bodyboard Coaching Camp in September, we also have bodyboard coaching weekend events coming up in July, August and September. See you soon!