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Bodyboarding Reverse Spin Explained

Looking for a fun new bodyboard move to try out?

Look no further than the reverse three-sixty spin! This trick can be performed on most sections of a wave, and the more challenging the section you attempt it on, the more impressive it becomes.

This highly functional manoeuvre can be used to control speed and positioning on a wave, making it the perfect tool for getting back into the pocket when out on the shoulder. Once you’ve nailed the basics, this trick can be performed as numerous variations in different sections of the wave. Done correctly, this can be one of the most eye pleasing moves in your arsenal.

As with all bodyboarding manoeuvres – speed, power and control is essential throughout. Although it may all sound a bit daunting at first but with a bit of insider knowledge you’ll be nailing them in no time. Rob Barber, an experienced coach who has worked with thousands of bodyboarders worldwide, shares his top tips in mastering the art of the bodyboarding reverse spin three-sixty.

Want to learn more bodyboard moves? Our YouTube channel is packed full of bodyboarding tutorials with tips and tricks to improve your riding and maximise fun in the ocean.

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