Bodyboarding buddies in Southern Nicaragua


Words by Matt Mave Davies

Photos by Saltshots

At Bodyboard Holidays we pride ourselves on providing first-rate bodyboard coaching in great waves across the globe.

With a team of enthusiastic, experienced and accomplished bodyboarding coaches, and the aid of daily video analysis, our clients come away from trips having made vast improvements in their riding, and a renewed hunger for bodyboarding.

However, it’s not these elements alone that make our bodyboard holidays such a success, but the diverse group of friendly and fascinating people you meet along the way. Our trips are made up of an international bunch of like-minded folk who share the same common interest in bodyboarding and good times.

Often before the week is out, strong friendships that defy distance are formed and flourish long into the future as surf/travel companions. As a coach, I have as much fun meeting new people from all walks of life as I do coaching, and seeing them develop as boogers.

On our recent Southern Nicaragua bodyboard holiday, we had a wonderfully eclectic mix of people that made for a week of endless giggles, shenanigans and memorable good times. The miscellaneous guest list was like a modern day casting for the Village People.

We had a Reverend from the Royal Navy with a colourful past and inspirational daily words of wisdom. A calamitous yet loveable charter pilot whose tales beg belief and left us doubled over in laughter. There was also a Hungarian green keeper, a former L.A. rapper come foster home liaison manager and a feverishly enthusiastic Walt Disney animator with a slick quiver of innovative boards. In addition, we had a striking French Caribbean organic food retailer, a former New York gangster come broker, on a determined spiritual journey to enlightenment, and an avid lover of the outdoors from Mexico.

On paper, this wonderful group of people should have never met in any other circumstance than bodyboarding, but their mutual love for the boogie and banter meant we instantly clicked on what ended as a magical trip to Nicaragua.

Whether you’re looking to surf the perfect waves of Southern Nicaragua where the offshore lasts all day, raise your bodyboarding game, or meet a super cool group of like-minded people for waves, tales, banter and more, then check out our Southern Nicaragua page.