Bodyboard-Holidays trip to Costa Rica.

The Bodyboard Holidays crew have just enjoyed another epic trip to the gorgeous Pacific coastline of Costa Rica. The trip began in the Costa Rican capital of San Jose. Our time spent here was far from just a lay over. We found this quaint little suburb to be a great introduction to the Costa Rican lifestyle. With its chilled out and laid back market square to soak up the atmosphere and array of different shops it really does add the perfect touch to the start of the trip. It gave the crew their first taste of the delicious Costa Rican cuisine in the many restaurants and cafes. A nice early start in the morning and we head over to the west coast on a fantastic journey across the country. We enjoy a 2 hr ferry ride before finally landing at our accommodation and heading straight to the beach for a sunset bodyboarding session. 5am starts are only good if you’re scoring empty perfect beach break peaks. The group has their first coaching session and score zero crowds and zero wind. Fair to say the group scored a slice of warm water perfection and finds out exactly why we keep coming back year after year. After another morning of great waves the crew head in land and trek through the jungle to find a 80ft waterfall. The perfect place to cool off and soak up the scenery. The jungle side accommodation that we stay at on our Costa Rican trip really is the perfect Bodyboarding head quarters. With its spacious living areas, comfortable bungalows, swimming pool, wifi throughout and its very own yoga studio. This surf camp style jungle lodge really is the perfect place to chill after a long day in the waves. One thing we take seriously at Bodyboard-Holidays is our impact on the environment. Costa Rica is certainly doing its bit and prides itself on being the most eco friendly country in the world. We caught up with Bodyboard Holidays very own Matt ‘Mave’  Davies and he talks us through some of his many insightful suggestions about how we can all do more. It is fair to say that this trip to Costa Rica was an extremely special one. We could not have asked for more in terms of the surfing conditions, the weather, the delicious food or the great company. Costa Rica is a great destination for bodyboarders of all abilities and I for one can’t wait to go back. To find out more click here

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