Bodyboard Holidays February Coaching Weekend


Bodyboard Holidays February Coaching Weekend
By Chris Burton

Our February coaching weekend sponsored by Bodyboard Depot enjoyed mild sea temperatures, perfectly lined up 3ft waves and to top it off, blue skies and some glorious winter sunshine.

As always we split the group in to two groups of varying abilities, with the foundation group perfecting their cut backs and down the line trimming out at Towan beach. It was my job to take the shredder group to some slightly bigger waves not too far away, where we worked on our three sixty spins and El rollo’s.

By the end of the weekend with three sessions in the water and some fine coaching from Instructor Jamie Osborne everyone was making good progress. Combining two video analysis sessions I think it’s fair to say that most of the group were getting a good grasp of executing the three sixty’s and some were hitting the lip, starting to perform really solid rolls. After another weekend complete and despite it being winter in the UK loads of fun was had and lots of improvements were made by all. Who said you can’t have fun in the sea in February?

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