Big Bodyboarding Moves in Small Waves


Northern Nicaragua January 2016

By Rob Barber

Images by Callum Morse

Rob Barber explains why small clean waves are so, so good for improving your bodyboarding.

This years January trip to northern Nicaragua scored a week of perfect, chest high, uncrowded, sand bottomed waves. Here are 4 reasons that everyone on the trip improved super fast.

  1. Easy Paddle Outs. 

Smaller waves mean shorter paddle outs. Every bodyboarder on earth hates a long, hard, cold slog to get outback. The paddle outs in northern Nicaragua took 35 seconds.  Plus the water was toasty warm and nobody had a wetsuit on! We know, we timed them.  Most group members were scoring over 40 waves in a two hour session.

2.     No Threat to Life.

Whether pulling in to a close out barrel, hitting a thick lip or trying a spin on a super steep section, wipe outs aren’t a worry. There is little consequence in smaller waves. It’s all about fun.

  1. Easy to Communicate.

Scoring feedback on every wave as your coach is right next to you most of the time makes the improvements come faster

  1. Improved Speed Lines.

In small waves you need to draw all the speed that you possibly can from your chosen lump of ocean.  Plugging in to the power of a small, clean wave makes your bodyboarding improve in all conditions. It’s a skill that is massively under rated but essential to good bodyboarding.

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