Another Epic Morocco Trip


It was 16 sun tanned, smiling, stoked faces that returned to Agadir airport today, many of the crew that were on our most recent bodyboard coaching trip to Morocco claiming it was the best trip of their live!


It is with heavy hearts – as ever – that we leave Morocco again and another epic trip was had by the crew. With good waves everyday and other than a couple of drops of rain one evening the weather has been amazing. Surfing in boardies on the last afternoon and nothing more than shorties or summer suits at all other times. As the dust settles, we’ve ridden 8 different spots which have included two secret wedges (the crew were sworn to secrecy on both of these accounts!). Well done to one and all, the roll call of achievements from the trip are as follows:


Anton Trice: New to life on the boogie, learned trimming and duckdiving.

Ashley Hughes: Worked on his down the line rolls, gaining speed from take off and nailed his first spinners during a fun day at Croc’s. Also learned how to ride a camel! After having such a good trip, Ash has now booked up for Costa Rica as well!

Luke Cobley: Luke landed the best move of all the video footage that we gathered, a slick roll on a lefthander at Tamri, awesome stuff. There will never be a lefthander going un ridden if Luke is around, the boy does not go right!

Melissa Jenkins: Mel has some great new skills to take back to Wales with her. Duckdiving, late take offs and good trim style have all been achieved this week.

Rob Benson: A tour vet, The Bensonator new what to expect from the trip and really hit form in the last few days. He scored one of the best barrels at a secret beachie and got all the bombs at the reef near Banana village.

Sam Bishop: An absolute shredder already, Sam worked on his ARS’s and reverse off the lips. He’s come super close to Air roll spins and back flips, nailed some off the lip reverses and now knows how to punt off the lip. He got the barrel of his life on the trip and we got it on video, keep your eyes open for it on our youtube channel soon.

Simon Allen: Si wasn’t worried by any of the bigger surf sessions and didn’t back down once, notably a reef sandbar not far from Agadir where he battled hard against big waves. Catching more waves than ever he continues to improve every session.

Peter Kussy: Peter shredded the right hand wedges of Panorama’s to pieces with great wave selection and trim style. He’s also booked up to come to Gran Canaria with us now, to see the worlds best bodyboarders in action at Fronton and continue to hone his skills in the Canary islands finest waves.

Greg Stanfield: Greg perfected his style with improved elbow positioning which increased his speed and control. The second to last session at Devils Rock, he paddled out in his boardies and caught the best waves of the session, scoring some nice video action.

Chris Roscoe: Chris’s best session was at the secret right hand wedge where he scored some great drops and bottom turns. He also learned late take offs and improved his duck diving with a great session at Imousuane.

James Ward: Wardo improved all week. For a guy that had barely bodyboarded before, he did really, really well. His best session was at Devils Rock, in his boardies where he was straight out back picking off lefts and rights and showing everyone what can be achieved after only a weeks full on bodyboarding.

Jamie Birleston: Jamie’s best session was at Tamri when the wind dropped and we scored 4 foot glassy walls to ourselves. He can now confidently get out the back in good sized waves, duck dive, select waves, take the drop and bottom turn with out a problem, he has achieved an awful lot in 7 days. Even when he collided with a surfer and got an egg on his shin it didn’t slow him down!

Chris Pearce: Chris grew in confidence and ability all week. He improved his trim style, positioning and ability to gain speed. With some great drops during the early session at the reef / sand bar near Agadir he really proved his mettle.

Tabea Keske: An awesome week of bodyboarding for Tabea. She was out back in the biggest surf, paddling in to bombs, taking drops and showing great style and control with her bottom turns. Things really came together at Devils Rock when she scored some of the best right hand wedges off the point and really showed the boys how it’s done.


All in all, it’s been a great week, with a great crew. Everyone has improved but more importantly everyone has had great fun, seen the sun, made some new friends and scored what many consider to be the best sessions of their lives. Mission accomplished!


We will be coming back to Morocco next year, but before then, we have trips to Gran Canaria, Costa Rica, Lanzarote and Bali. Check out for further info!

The sun rises, the view as we check the early swell lines from our accom.

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