Another Amazing Indo Trip!


A cracking Indo trip came to a close this week and a suntanned, re-vitalised and altogether more skillful set of bodyboarders returned to the various countries of the world that they call home.

With a new agenda this year, we headed first to the incredible bowling beach breaks of the Canggu area, this was followed by some inter-island travel to the perfect peaks of Nusa Lembongan and culminating with a stay on Bali’s famous Bukit Peninsular, home to  the world famous waves of Padang-Padang, Uluwatu and Dreamlands.

Here’s a run down of the crew that came along:

Cheryl Arnold, Western Australia: ‘Chezza’ really improved her bodyboarding with better technique for paddling, dropping in and gaining speed. Amazing, guttsy commitment even when the waves were pumping.

Roger Bevan, Wales: The man spent more time in the water than anyone else, his daily swim training that he does, really paying off. ‘The Dodge’ cleaned up his ‘elbow crime’ problem and nailed his waves selection meaning that the number of waves per session that he is getting now has doubled or even trebbled from the beginning of the course, some real improvements.

Simon Allen, Mold (nr. Chester): A man that never gave up. Not even after a one hour plus paddle out at Uluwatu! Si’ improved his riding style and trimming.

Stephen Thomas, Wales: Steve was one of the stand out performers with some great swooping bottom turns at Ulu’s and some of the primo waves at Playgrounds.

Tracy Thomas, Wales: When Tracy wasn’t chilling out or soaking up the culture she was pushing herself in to some of the biggest waves that she’s been out in before. From way overhead Canggu to leaping off the side of boats to surf the Lembongan reefs she was loving life.

Rob ‘The Bensonator’ Benson: Another contender for maximum water time, keen as a bean Benny was inches away from nailing the cut back reverse spins that he has learned. Highlight moves were a nice forward spin off the lip at Playgrounds and some sick long rides spliced with cutties and barrels at Dreamlands.

Alex Clark, Wales: One of Wales best bodyboarders, Alex continues to improve fast. Nailing some tight forwards in the pocket, some nice rolls and perfecting his solid DK take offs, all was one of the top riders each session. Now he’s back just in time for the Welsh Nationals, good luck mate.

Chris Morgan, Brighton: One of the surprise packages of the trip, Chris (or Pineapple pants as he was nicknamed – long story) had some sick skills already. He got the best left of his life on his first session at 4 foot Ulu’s and was busting out some great combo’s. Chris also took on Lacerations when it was absolutely going off just before dark one evening. The boy was ripping!

Jason Hughes, Wales: Another welsh charger, Jason’s stand out session was at 3 foot Playgrounds when he got the best wave of every set. The highlight being a sick left pit. Fair play boyo!
Alex Hooper, Western Australia: Alex has got a solid riding style already but nailed converting his take off speed in to a smooth down the line bottom turn. A day later he started busting rolls at Ulu’s, nice work!

Andrew W Ha, Sydney Australia: After getting his waves selection and take offs sorted for his prone riding, Andrew got stuck in to his drop knee. Some great in-roads made, with quicker take offs at the peak.

Doug Agnew, Oxford: For the first half of the trip Doug was ripping it up, taking on Canggu and Nusa Lembongan with some nice covers ups. After a session at Shipwrecks poor Dougie pulled a muscle so had to miss the sessions on the rest of the trip, he’s vowed to be back in the water soon though!

George Wilmoth, London: Due to work commitments, George was only on the first week of the course but he still had time to soak up the tropical temperatures and improve his riding loads. With some stella take offs, smooth bottom turns and improved style, George is tuned up for a summer in the salt.

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