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5 Top Tips For Surviving The UK Winters

Here in the UK we’re deep into winter and much of the country recently experienced snow. With short daylight hours and the ocean at its coldest, even the keenest of wave chasers may struggle to keep the stoke alive. We explain how to keep on top of those winter blues and help you charge through winter.

  1. The Correct Equipment – Wetsuit technology has come a long way over the last decade but the most expensive suit isn’t always the best for you. It is important to have a wetsuit, hood and socks that fit to stop flushing and keep the cold out.
  2. Work Out – Surfing in the winter is hard. The extra layers of neoprene reduce flexibility and reduced daylight means less time in the sea. Try and supplement your surfing with some stretching and exercises on land. Time at the swimming pool is helpful too.
  3. Dry your wetsuit – It’s not very nice putting on a cold, damp wetsuit and sometimes the idea alone is enough to put you off. By having a dry wetsuit you can get suited up in your car/van (or if a local break home) without struggling in the cold.
  4. Plan your surfs – Quick short sessions can help maximise your wave count in the winter. Knowing where to be and when for a quick hour is important when it’s cold. Using your knowledge to score more waves in less time is a great way to keep the stoke levels high. We have theses details covered on our winter bodyboard weekend, let us do the hard work for you!
  5. Book a trip abroad – This may sound like you’re running away from the cold, but it could also help you battle through the winter. By booking a winter trip somewhere warm during the darkest coldest months of winter it sets a goal and gives you something to work towards.

Escape The Winter

We’ve got stacks of warm water destinations if you’d like to escape the cold….

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