5 Moments of Bodyboarding Inspiration



Callum Morse reviews our Ireland Bodyboard Coaching Holiday

(Words & Images by Callum Morse/Saltshots)

As September came to a close and summer left us behind here in Cornwall, October kicked off with a pumping autumn swell, which lined up perfectly with our Ireland bodyboard coaching holiday. Stoked!

During our week in Ireland we were spoilt with pumping waves daily. Driving around we were greeted with lineup after lineup of barreling, slabbing and wedging waves. Everybody couldn’t believe it, definitely one of the most stoked filled trips I’ve been on.

Along with the great waves we had a solid crew full of laughs and it was great to see everyone pushing each other in the water. After a long day in the water getting barreled in the shadows of a mountain or throwing cutties in the directions of the nearby castle, there was no better way to finish the day than a hearty pub meal and sinking a pint of silky Guiness.

Here are 5 moment that really stand out from the trip:

Jake threading barrels
Jake Cooksley joined us on the coaching holiday hoping to improve his barrel riding technique. At the start of the trip he was finding that the waves were outrunning him or throwing him off his board. After reviewing some of the images and talking through his lines on the wave with coach Rob Barber he was consistently cruising through barrels and getting spat out into the channel with heaps of style. He even had time throw a little peace sign out to Rob in the channel on this one!


– Witnessing Mullaghmore on fire!

On our second day the swell was peaking and the call was made to go check out Mullaghmore. We arrived as a huge set unloaded and the ski’s scrambled into position. Getting to see some of the local bodyboarders paddling into these huge barrels was a pretty sweet way to start our day of waves.


– Chris charging the reef

Chris Roscoe was wearing constant smile after this particular wave. Looking to improve his riding in steeper suckier waves, Chris dropped into this bomb as Rob claims it and the guys in the channel give a hearty hoot! By the end of this particular session Chris was scooping into waves and making every ride.


– Robs Dream PMPA Session

During a little break between sessions part way through the week we headed to PMPA to chill and watch the freight train lefts burn along the reef. With only two guys in Rob decided to jump in for a wave himself. We sat and watched Rob score some incredible waves, throwing spins into the pocket and boosting off end sections, both the boys on the headland and Rob were frothing!


– Sampling the best Guinness in the World

Brennan’s a local pub in Bundoran holds claim to one of the best pints of Guinness in all Ireland, with the keg sitting right under the tap. A smooth pint of Guinness in hand reflecting on a week filled with amazing waves shared with a great crew of people is definitely the way to wind down of an evening.


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