5 Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing A Bodyboard


  1. Buying a board from the wrong shop.
  2. Not considering other brands
  3. Buying the wrong size
  4. Buying the wrong core
  5. Listening to bad advice

When it comes to buying a bodyboard for the first time or even if you are a seasoned rider, going into a surf shop or looking on-line to make a purchase can all be a bit over whelming.

This core, that core. Stringers, rails, channels, slick bottoms etc etc. Surely picking a board that’s is right for you and the conditions you are likely to be surfing in can’t be this complicated?

Well, in this short video we have done our best to help you make the right decision and not make the same mistakes many other people make when buying a board.

On our most recent Bodyboard-Holidays trip to California we were lucky enough to catch up with legend bodyboarder and owner of the worlds largest bodyboard store ‘ebodyboarding’ Jay Reale. With 20 years experience of selling boards we asked jay in his opinion what are the 5 most common mistakes people make when purchasing a board.

1.Buying a board from the wrong shop.

Where possible always make sure that you buy your bodyboard from a bodyboard specific shop as the person working there will have superior knowledge of the sport and the requirements unique to your specifications. Also, it’s best to support a company that supports the sport.

2. Not considering other brands

It’s easy to get caught up in different brands of bodyboard and not be open minded to the possibility of different makes. There are lots of different brands out there so don’t be afraid to try different ones.

3. Buying the wrong size

The size of the board you buy is very important. You may have a different body shape now than when you first bought a board. There are a few ways to ensure that you are riding the correct size board. Always seek advice from the the assistant in the bodyboard shop.

4. Buying the wrong core

As with the size of your bodyboard the core of the board is also very important. If you ride in predominantly cold water you may want to choose a softer core allowing for more flex. If your board is too stiff in cold water you may have issues with edge control. Likewise, if you use a soft board in warm water the likelihood is that your board will be too flexible and decrease speed, control and ultimately, performance. Always speak to the assistant in a bodyboard shop and discuss where you intend to ride the board.

5. Listening to bad advice

Don’t just listen to your friends about what is the best board to get. Every rider is different and what works for them may not work for you. The best thing to do is speak to someone in a bodyboard shop and take advice from them.

Now armed with a bit more information and things to avoid hopefully you can go out and buy the right board for you. Having the wrong board can really detract from your riding experience so when you go into a bodyboard shop, go in with an open mind and take the advice from the professional. Having the correct board is the absolute key to advancing in the sport. With the right gear in the right waves, the sky really is the limit!!

Remember, on our bodyboard coaching weekends and many of our holidays we have a huge range of boards for you to try before you buy!


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