5 Best Things about Bodyboarding in Cornwall


Cornwall Bodyboard Camp 2015

Our first ever Cornwall Bodyboard Camp couldn’t have gone much better. 3 days of sun, a super moon and some hollow barrels. We couldn’t of wished for a better introduction to our latest #bbhols adventure.

We have listed our 5 favourite things about the Cornwall Bodyboard Camp below!

1. Luxury Bodyboard Trip

You can’t beat a bit of glamping in beautiful Cornwall. At our awesome yurt site you will find nice, warm, toasty tents with TV’s, warm heaters, bar b q’s and all the comforts of home but coupled perfectly with the outdoor life! These things redefine the term ‘glamping’ and take it to a whole new level. After a day of waves what better way to come back and chill with a beer by the pool before hitting the sack in these comfy cosy sanctuaries. With gorgeous furnishings, central heating and wide screen TV’s you have the treats of a boutique hotel with the sense of adventure at the same time.

2. Bodyboarding Waves – Barrels of the Day

You don’t always need to jet off far from home to experience some exotic pits. You just need to know where to look and we used our in-depth local knowledge and network of local contacts to get the crew in the right place for the best waves each day.


We scored big time on our first session of the weekend down in Poldark land with clear skies, 2-3 ft waves and no wind, it was heaven! Our Cornwall Bodyboard Camp aims to make the most of what this amazing coastline has to offer. If it is onshore on one side of the coast you bet it will be offshore on the other. Staying mobile and leaving from a central base camp location means we will find the best waves that are in the county that day quickly. With 25 years of bodyboarding knowledge Rob Barber and his team will sniff out those empty breaks, wedgey peaks and shorey barrels. The beauty of Cornwall with it’s craggy coastline is that one swell or wind direction will mean one place is working while the other is not, you just need to have someone around who knows where they are.

The crew take a break from the waves and get duck diving lessons in this amazing sea pool. What a shot by Joe Woodhouse!

3. Sunset Beers

Reminiscing over the day’s waves with a cold beer whilst the sun sinks beneath the sea is a pretty perfect way to end the day. Cornwall has an array of  beachside restaurants and cafés and we make the most of them during the camp. It’s handy after a long session in the water to stroll up the beach for lunch and a place to watch the video and photo analysis.

4. Meeting Like Minded Bodyboarders

On our bodyboard coaching weekends, camps and holidays you get the chance to make some new like-minded acquaintances. It’s great to hear everyone’s travel stories and bodyboard tales from past adventures and memorable sessions. There’s always a chance you will hear about a new great place to surf or even get some helpful tips on bodyboarding in general. It’s always amazing to share a cracking session with other people and then chill back at camp by the pool whilst reminiscing over the day’s best waves. The chances are you will make some new friends in the process for sure. You always tend to meet chilled out bodyboarders in Cornwall!

5. Beautiful Cornwall

It goes without saying that Cornwall really is a stunning location to be in. With mild water temperatures a 3 hour session is fine! When the sun is shining and the waves are rolling in you can’t really better this little shire.  Not only did we have the nice weather and waves but a natural phenomena too!  Bringing some massive tides was the red super moon; something that only happens every 30 years.  When you get extreme high and low tides it can often uncover hidden breaks and banks that rarely get to be surfed, not to mention the odd shipwreck too. At least once a day on each day of the camp did you hear somebody gasp at the amazing views and sites of Cornwall’s amazing, hidden coast. Even the guys that have lived hear all their life marveled at the incredible coastline. We saw everything from tin mines to expansive golden beaches.

 A typical Cornish backdrop with a little gem in the foreground.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first Cornwall Bodyboard Camp. We are planning to organize two for next year at the beginning and end of the summer possibly for a little longer too! We have got ONE more Newquay coaching weekend of 2015 left to do and with it being in October we are hoping for some lovely autumnal swell! We have still got some place available so please do get in touch if you want to book on.