The 5 best bodyboarding videos to come out of California… what’s your favourite?

With vintage bodyboarding seeing an overwhelming renaissance in recent months, we at Bodyboard Holidays have got on that bandwagon too, and dug through our pile of worn out VHS tapes to give you what we think are the top 5 bodyboarding clips to come out of California.

It’s by no means a definitive list, and we’d love to hear your comments and thoughts on the matter, but here goes…


  1. The Inside by Scotty Carter

Surely this goes without saying, and nothing says Californian bodyboarding like this cult bodyboarding movie show reeling Chad Barba & Co shredding at Newport wedge and at an array of Cali’s numerous hollow beach breaks. All edited together to an eclectic mix of reggae, old skool punk music, and an environmentally conscious theme throughout.


  1. Crave the Cave by Scotty Carter

Crave The Cave was Mr Carter’s third bodyboarding movie following The Inside. Though it didn’t get the same adulation as his first two films, and often described in reviews as leftover footage from The Inside, Crave the Cave did keep the groms wanting more with plenty of helmet cam action, to the fast rifts of Millencolin. Californian riders included Paul Roach, Chad Barba, Joe Grodzen, Ross McBride, J.J. Ayala, Jay Reale and Brian Wise, to name but a few.


  1. Enough Said

Another bodyboarding cult classic featuring Paul Roach throwing tail, Chad Barba getting pitted with the first helmet cam, the infamous Pierre eating crabs starting the golden age revolution of bodyboarding in California. Released in 1992, and a joint project with Mike Shaw, this was Scott Carter’s first bodyboarding movie, and arguably most groundbreaking film of its time.



  1. No Friends 1 by Brian Stoker

Though all the No Friends vids were right out the top drawer, and that trying to pick just one would be a whole other blog post, we unanimously chose No friends 1. When this movie dropped in 1998, Brian Stoker and the No Friends team began revolutionising bodyboarding flicks in terms of music, editing and the sheer quality of riding. The Californian based team changed the dynamics of the industry too by creating stylish underground apparel that broke away from mainstream stand up surfing brands.



  1. Ring of Fire II by Robert Isambert

An action packed bodyboarding movie filmed all over the world starring California’s best riders. The highlight of the movie is a feature on The Wedge, the world’s most renowned, injury-causing wedging shore break. The video then continues with all the highlights from California’s mind blowing 2010 winter season. Produced and eloquently edited by Robert Isambert, Ring of Fire II is without a doubt one of most comprehensive, aesthetic videos to ever come out of California.



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