How To Use Swim Fins For Bodyboarding

As a beginner bodyboarder, there’s a crucial piece of kit that will help take your riding to the next level. Swim fins, or ‘flippers’ make a massive difference. They help to propel you through the waves more easily. That means you’ll accelerate at a higher speed and catch more waves. And the more waves you […]

4 Top Ways To Improve Your Wave Riding

Want to get better at bodyboarding? Who doesn’t?! There’s no quick fix but there’s a few things you can do to push past those niggling challenges. During our trip to California, we hooked up with former bodyboard pros and absolute legends Jay and Vicki Reale from Together, we came up with our top tips […]

Vicki Reale’s Tips For Female Bodyboarders

On our recent trip to California, we spoke to former pro bodyboarder and Australian Champion Vicki Reale. She shared her tips with us for helping female bodyboarders get the most out of their time in the water. Vicki’s top piece of advice? Don’t feel intimidated, just get out there! These top tips will improve your […]