5 Common Mistakes Made When Purchasing A Bodyboard

Buying a board from the wrong shop. Not considering other brands Buying the wrong size Buying the wrong core Listening to bad advice When it comes to buying a bodyboard for the first time or even if you are a seasoned rider, going into a surf shop or looking on-line to make a purchase can […]

Morocco Bodyboarding – 6 Reasons Why You Have To Go

Morocco Bodyboarding

Morocco Bodyboarding – 6 Reasons why you have to go By Chris Burton After spending 7 glorious days on Bodyboard-Holidays most recent Secret Morocco trip I thought I’d put together a daily vlog and outline just some of the reasons that make this trip so special and an absolute must for your bucket list of […]

How To Get A Drop Knee Barrel

#5 Top Tips For Getting A Drop Knee Barrel Take off on the peak or as you progress slightly behind the peak. Paddle hard and fast then get up in to the drop knee stance quickly. Engage the inside rail by shifting your weight down your inside leg and through the knee Turn your body […]

How To Do A Reverse Threesixty On A Bodyboard

3 Top Tips To Do A Reverse Threesixty Choose a high line across the wave to gain speed then condense it into power on your reverse spin pivot point! Learn on a wave that isn’t too steep. Not too high… not too low. Aim to practice the move midway up the wave’s face. Spin to […]

How To Do An Air Roll (El Rollo) On A Bodyboard

3 Top Tips Wave choice. Although doing a good air roll doesn’t necessarily need a crazy section to fly off it certainly makes the move easier to complete having a nice vertical wall as a launch pad. Timing. Like all bodyboarding manoeuvres, your timing will determine the success of your aerial. Mastering timing on a […]

How To Hit The Lip On A Bodyboard

3 tips for hitting the lip Look, lean and lunge. These three things will have you flying in the direction you want to go in no time… the rest will follow! Arch your back. This is absolutely vital for the generation of speed and will see you flying into space! Watch videos of the best […]

Bodyboarding Bulletin

Bodyboard With Less Plastic

We love the winter in Cornwall! So much good surf, nice and quiet in the water and as long as you know where to go there are some awesome bodyboarding spots to enjoy. Join us for two days of bodyboarding immersion, enjoy a great social weekend and receive stacks of tips from our coaching team. […]