How do I duck dive waves on a bodyboard?

5 top duck diving tips The bigger the wave is, the earlier you should aim to become submerged. Bigger waves tend to travel at a greater speed than smaller ones. Getting as deep as possible is also really important in larger waves. The main hazard with duck diving at shallow reefs is hitting the reef […]

How to put a sticker on your bodyboard with Rob Barber

5 top sticker placement tips Slowly does it! For a perfect sticker placement that will last, take your time. Rushing will lead to bubbles and dirt/wax under your sticker, which will then fall off and end up in the trash or worse, in the ocean! Make sure to take care using scissors and to limit […]

Southern Sumatra – Bodyboarding Indonesia’s epic final frontier

Southern Sumatra Bodyboarding

By Owen Pye While most of the world’s eyes turn to Bali’s Bukit Peninsula when a decent Indian Ocean swell finds itself marching north east, the wise move is to perhaps instead look further along at humble Sumatra. Strangely the hidden jewel in Indonesia’s surf crown, Sumatra is the world’s 6th biggest island (by contrast […]