2018 Indonesia Bodyboard Holidays… grab your place now!

In 2018 we’re offering 4 trips to this mystical, wave drenched island chain. Join us and you’ll experience bath-warm water, a tropical climate, a rich history and environment, unique biodiversity, varying cultures, ethnicities and people, cheap living, great food and a staggering swell consistency. Indonesia Bodyboarding Holidays Nusa Lembongan 8 days 7 – 15 March https://bodyboard-holidays.com/destinations/asia/nusa-lembongan/ Take a look at Bali, then roll the clock back by thirty years. Beaches that are straight from the Bounty chocolate bar advert. White sands fringed with palms and iridescent aqua marine waters. A pace of life that puts everything into focus. With the best sunsets that we’ve ever seen. Welcome to our bodyboarding island retreat – Nusa Lembongan! Indonesia Bodyboarding Holidays Indonesia (14 days multi stop tour) 19 March – April 1 https://bodyboard-holidays.com/destinations/asia/ Indonesia is revered as the home of perfect warm-water barrels. A distant swell-pumping machine, Antarctic storms generate almost non-stop corduroy lines out of the south Indian Ocean from April to October, they quietly travel for thousands of miles before striking the pristine beaches of Bali and Nusa Lembongan. Boasting some of our Indo’s most iconic waves, these islands have naturally become popular destinations for travelling bodyboarders. Indonesia Bodyboarding Holidays Bali (7 Days) 1 – 7 April https://bodyboard-holidays.com/destinations/asia/bali/ Since we first visited Bali in 1996 the east coast was generally undiscovered. Walking along the black sand beaches in searing heat in the Padang Galak area, picking our way through paddy fields on motorbikes and following tip offs and hand drawn maps we knew that there had to be some awesome bodyboarding spots. Slowly but surely they have been unearthed and fortunately we have had years of enjoyment scoring waves on the east side of the island. Now it’s time to share them…. Indonesia Bodyboarding Holidays At the fringes of the Sumatran jungle we’ll be staying in our awesome camp and travelling by boat each day to numerous waves running along the edge of the Mentawai’s archipelago, you’ll encounter simple island life and off the beaten track travel. Ground swells are consistent during October and the variety of waves available means crowds are easily avoided. Winds are light at this time of year so it’s guaranteed to be offshore somewhere every day. Wherever it’s on, we’ll be there! Your bodyboarding trip of lifetime to Indonesia starts here!

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