Southern Nicaragua Bodyboarding Light Show

By Matt Davies If Disney built bodyboards… …Well they kind of already do, and do them very well. However, it was neither at Magic Kingdom nor Epcot Centre where I first tried an illuminated Back to the Future style bodyboard, but on the hot sandy beaches of Southern Nicaragua. On our bodyboard coaching holiday there […]

A day in the life of a bodyboarder on a Cornwall Coaching Weekend

If we got a pound for every time we were asked “Are your bodyboard coaching weekends like a boot camp?” …well, let’s just say we wouldn’t be up until the small hours putting this blog post together. So by giving an insight into a typical day on one of our coaching weekends, it can be […]

The 10 best things to do in Portugal when we’re not bodyboarding

Having delivered seven successful bodyboard holidays to Portugal, and having head coach Matt Mave Davies living there full-time, we’ve perfected our top ten free time activities to do between bodyboard sessions. Check these out… Historical Sintra               Sintra, a UNESCO World heritage site, is a fairy tale town famed […]

Cornwall Bodyboarding Camp | What they said…

Last June we had our most successful Cornwall Bodyboarding Camp to date; 24 keen bodyboarders enjoyed pumping waves, endless sunshine, bluebird skies, luxury camping, sunset BBQs and all round good times. We caught up with some of the boogers and instructors from that coaching weekend to find out what made last year’s camp so memorable. […]

Croyde Coaching weekend – An inside scoop with Croyde local Dion Hunt

If there were a bucket list of surf spots in the UK, Croyde Bay would definitely be in the top three. We’re heading to North Devon this October, the optimum swell season, for a 48hour bodyboard immersion mission to score the infamous low-tide barrels at the UK’s sickest beach break. We caught up with our […]

Bodyboarding Indonesia – An interview with photographer Thom Berry

Thom Berry joined us on our recent Indonesia Bodyboard-Holiday. Thom is travelling through south East Asia on a winter trip away from his base in Portugal. He delivered bodyboard coaching and shot video footage and photo’s of the crew to help them to improve and did an excellent job. We caught up with him for […]

Top seven tips for travelling to Indonesia

  By Matt Davies/Rob Barber For every 10 bodyboarders that go to Indonesia, 8 of them have a trip of a lifetime while 2 come home with horror stories, longstanding regrets and war scars to prove it. At Bodyboard-Holidays we’ve been coming to this Asian paradise for 20 years, holding two epic trips here every […]