Portugal Bodyboarding Camp – Gaining more speed on your bodyboard

Portugal Bodyboarding Camp – Gaining more speed on your bodyboard By Rob Barber Images by Mr. Berry In May we enjoyed an awesome week of bodyboarding, incredible accommodation and a fantastic mix of individuals on our Portugal bodyboard retreat. Through the many different spots that we adventured too, one of the re-occurring themes was that riders […]

Wales Bodyboard Coaching Weekend – Re-vamped for 2016

The 2016 Wales Bodyboard Coaching Weekend will be held on October 1/2 in order to get the best waves, tides and conditions.  What happens on the Welsh Coaching Weekend? The Welsh coaching weekend, a favourite with bodyboarders from the north, the midlands and of course Wales is coming in to its seventh year. In 2016 […]

Amazing Family Bodyboard Holidays

If I got a pound for every time we at bodyboard holidays were asked “Can I take the family away, and still get to surf every day?” …well I would be a very rich man, but my answer would always remain the same: Of course you can! As a parent myself, I am no stranger to […]

How to Score the Best Waves in Cornwall

We all wish that we had more time to bodyboard. When we get a window to score waves we need to make sure that we make the most of it. We just spent a great day researching this blog post and scored some SICK waves around Cornwall. Here are 5 tips to help you score […]

Why bodyboarding is the perfect family activity

Why bodyboarding is the perfect family activity 1. All for one, and one for all Unlike many other extreme sports, bodyboarding is a wholesome activity, where everyone in the family can learn and surf together in a safe, fun environment. On our most recent holiday, the Whitworth family from London came with a great sense […]