5 Reasons Why International Bodyboarders Love Costa Rica

Costa Rican Bodyboarding in January is pure bliss. Tropical water temperatures, empty line ups and a fantastic laid back lifestyle make for an incredible experience. With riders from all over the world on this year’s trip we asked their opinions on why they loved it so much. I learned 25 new bodyboarding techniques on the […]

Top 5 Portuguese bodyboarding videos of 2015

Over the last couple of months we have seen an abundance of explosive bodyboarding clips coming out of Portugal, with Pierre-Louis Costes’ video Obrigado being the latest humbling clip to hit our screens. These videos are not only showcasing supreme individual talent and putting Portugal firmly on the bodyboarding map, but have created a source […]

Big Bodyboarding Moves in Small Waves

Northern Nicaragua January 2016 By Rob Barber Images by Callum Morse Rob Barber explains why small clean waves are so, so good for improving your bodyboarding. This years January trip to northern Nicaragua scored a week of perfect, chest high, uncrowded, sand bottomed waves. Here are 4 reasons that everyone on the trip improved super […]